Antique Basket

AndyA2000August 21, 2012

I am wondering if anyone knows what type of basket this is and what it was used for back in the day? I would love to have one in our house for display, they are just gorgeous!


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Can't see enough to looks like something constructed by the photographer just for display. Barrel staves and some sort of a stitched leather top?
I have seen babies photographed in dough bowls...I suppose this is a variation.
Linda C

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Thanks Lindac. I don't think they made it though. I think I've seen these like this before, it seems like it's all originally intact. It's round and really shallow.

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I believe this to be vintage, or even antique. It suggests to me a wooden butter bowl, they sometimes are made with staves and it's about the right size for working butter with paddles after churning. You can't tell if the inside of it is smooth, by a photograph, but stave bowls are not unusual, and I've seen directons for them in woodworking magazines. Wood bowl making was also a cottage industry in the part of Missouri where I am from. I can't tell if what Linda suggests is leather or copper. Old tarnished copper looks like that and may be attached to wood with a peg similar to a poultry nail, and it would look like stitching in a photograph. My guess would be more likely a butter bowl.

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