Finding the value of an old chiropractor diploma with bj Palmer

cslambertAugust 19, 2012

My friend found 2 old diplomas from 1959. They are from Palmer school of chiropractic. They are signed by Bj Palmer, who apparently is veryfamous in chiropractic medicine. I'm Trying to help determine if these posess any value beyond sentimental. Any suggestions?

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Call the school and ask. It's in Davenport Iowa....but I guess you know that.

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Oh my. I studied chiropractic and finished school with little respect for the profession, even less for many/most of the people involved. Although I didn't go to Palmer, we were all aware of BJ, one of many questionable characters in the field's history. He's reputed to have run his father over with a car. A Wikipedia article has a "Chiropractic historian" calling that story "myth" and "absurd". Maybe, but I'd be inclined to distrust a chiropractic historian. My guess is his role involves more PR than historical curation.

Apologies for going OT. I agree that Palmer College is probably the best place to call. I'd be interested to know if it has value, although, if it's genuine, Palmer will certainly like to have it!

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Haha yeah he certainly seems to have been a character. I contacted the schools archival librarian. They had no interest as he had been signing diplomas for 40 years or so, and the person who the diplomas were awarded to wasnt someone they considered to be historically significant.

Really the whole reason i wanted to check this out was because i thought it was a shame to throw away someones diplomas... then i found the BJ Palmer story and thought they might be of interest to someone.

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