Thomasville Antique Dining Set

LeaKnop10August 23, 2011

I have an older or antique Thomasville Dining set. It looks like it is solid Maple.

Under the chairs, it says Bay Colony which is why I think it is made by THomasville. There is a reference No. 994 under the chairs and table.

I would like to sell this and wonder how much I should ask for the set, 1 table, 2 leaves and 6 chairs. The dimensions with the leaves is 66 inches by 48 inches. Any ideas?

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A picture would help.
It is my understanding that all Thomasville was least all mine is.
No idea what to I said without a picture.
Linda C

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So it's a 48" inch with 2 11" fills I presume... pretty near impossible to provide and useful information without detailed photos, but it may very well may be a Thomasville. Not all Thomasville was labelled as such, but "Bay Colony" is well know to be made by Thomasville. Can't say for sure without photos. Could be anything.

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New to this site, I have a picture of the set, how do I upload the picture? Thank You

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There is a thread called "how to post a photo"....follow the directions.

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Yes please put some picture so that it can be helpful for any of interested in that one Thomasville Antique Dining Set.

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