Carrier oils for dry face?

shelli563October 28, 2009


I have dry, combination skin and have been using carrier oils to moisturize my face for the past 2 years. Recently, I bought some new ones because the ones I had been using just didn't seem to be giving me enough moisture (my skin still felt a bit tight after applying the oils). I have read over and over that you usually only need a few drops of oil to moisturize, but I use about 7-9 drops on moist skin to get any effect.

I have Avocado, kukui, apricot kernel, rosehip, argan, squalane and pomegranate. I mixed all of them in a small dropper bottle but this combination doesn't seem to make my face feel any more hydrated. Perhaps too many different oils? What combinations have you used that you have really liked?

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You might be needing a good exfoliation, I find that moisturizers seem to just sit on top of my skin and not penetrate, when my skin is not totally clear and needs a good exfoliation. Just something to think about.

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Try going to Paula's Choice website, she has advice regarding how to treat different types of skin. I don't like her makeup products, but her skincare ones are excellent, not a bad price either!

Also, also has advice from people regarding beauty and hair products.

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