How do I fix my stupid eyelashes?!!!

ms_minnamouseOctober 22, 2008

Every time time I use mascara, the upper lashes on my left eye always stick together. Instead of fanning out and separating, they always stick together in parts. This happens no matter what mascara I use and no matter how I apply it. Even if I use a comb or a curler, it still doesn't help at all! It's really annoying and looks bad. How do I fix them?

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Use your compact powder on them before mascara, brush them, then dust them lightly again with powder before the mascara. The oils in your lashes are causing them to clump. Also, once your first coat is on, just use the tip of the mascara wand to lengthen each lash from bottom to tip. Next coat go over them all again with the whole brush, and keep putting on coats until they are the way you like it.

I use the teddy bear brush and L'Oreal mascara, NOT waterproof.

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try using a mascara with a plastic seperating brush like the new Definicils from Lancome!I use my volumising mascara first then brush it out with the seperating mascara next.This is a good way to get thick and seperated lashes!

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I already did that sugarzin and it didn't work.

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How old is the mascara? I hate brand new mascara, it takes about 2 weeks to break in, and then it is perfect for about 2-3 months.

When you are getting your brush full of mascara, twirl the brush, don't pump it up and down; this is what all the experts say so you don't dry the mascara out, but I do the pump for the first week to dry out the mascara a bit, I find it clumps less when it is not brand new.

Did you try my suggestion of using powder as a base?

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