Beads in beard, mustache wax?

ClareOctober 21, 2004

I want to cornrow beads into someone's beard, but need to use something dense and sticky to make the hairs stick together. Otherwise, I don't think I can thread the beads on. Is there something better than mustache wax I could use? Products like bergamot petroleum jelly are not sticky enough for this beard. And ideally it would be something that would wash out.


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Curious minds need to know......why does this person with a beard want beaded corn rows? Is it for an occasion? Don't want to offend, just very curious and trying to get a picture in my mind, I just find it an interesting concept.

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You might try dreads and braiding forums.

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:) what, you don't think that Captian Jack Sparrow used anything but natural walrus blubber, do you?

what you're looking for is a 'wax' pomade. everyone makes them, nowadays- got2B, paul mitchel, LA looks... they come in tins, and do a pretty good job of it, though they can be a pest to get out.

honestly- if his beard's unruly enough that you're having problems- I'd consider getting a fake one, beading that, and applying it over his shaven face ;)

(but then, I can get my own hairy-scary to do things like that. then again- my hairy-scary can braid and bead his own hair ;)

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Walrus blubber, of course! What was I thinking?!

Woodie, no occasion, just everyday life.

Chinacat, I like your sense of humor. I looked at some of the waxy products in the store, but was waiting to hear back from someone here before trying one. Guess I'll go ahead and grab one.

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