Franklin Sewing Machine

joesrAugust 11, 2008

I have a Franklin Sewing Machine (no cabinet) identified simply as "Franklin #51775" on the first page of the instruction booklet....would like to know the year of manufacture and approximate value of this item...

Thank you,


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I'll need to see a picture in order to tell you the manufacturer and give an estimate of age. "Franklin" was one of many names used by Sears for their sewing machines. It will most likely be either a Domestic or a White. Value is subjective, dependent on condition, age, and where you are located. Again, not really possible to give an estimate without seeing some good pictures of the machine. You should be aware that it's most likely not a rare machine, so value is likely to be relatively low.


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Reply to damascusannie posting of Aug 11, my Franklin looks exactly like the one posted by countrygal68 on Mar 10, 2007...script and wording seems to be the same...main difference seems to be the number (and the location of the number)...

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I just joined this spring. Is there a link to the pictures that I can go to?


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Hi Joesr, I'm posting this under the "Need info on Franklin sewing machine" topic, too, so you may see it twice.

The machine shown was made by the Domestic Sewing Machine Company and sold by Sears Roebuck. The decals pattern is called "Scarab" by collectors. According to "The Encyclopedia of Antique Sewing Machines" by Charles B. Law, this model was sold from the 1910s through the early 1930s. However, that particular cabinet was sold in the early 1920s. This is known as a parlor cabinet and was Sear's top-of-the-line model in the early 20s.
If your's is in comparable condition to the one shown, it has a fair amount of value. Here in Wisconsin, where treadles are common ($25-50 will usually get you a pretty nice one), I'd expect to pay $100-125 for this machine. Depending on where you live, it could be worth a bit more than that, but probably not more than $200. In this case, the value is almost completely in the cabinet.

Domestic was founded in 1864 in Norwalk, OH and continued to make sewing machines until they were purchased by White in 1924. White continued to make this model after the merger, so my friends, Katie who is doing White research and Kelly who is researching Domestic, are in constant communication trying to sort out just when a particular head was made.


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Joesr: I just went back and re-read your original post and realized that all you have is the sewing head. Unfortunately, without a cabinet, this head has little value-maybe $10-20 at most and only if the decals are in perfect condition. I hope that in my previous response, you caught the fact that the value of the other machine you referenced was almost all in the cabinet and you aren't too disappointed. Please accept my apologies. I answer dozens of questions about sewing machines every day, and sometimes I lose track of what I'm discussing with whom.


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I just recieved my Gradmother and Mothers sewing machines.
1 is a Franklin #531568 - in cabinet and all in tack, the other is a Singer # 15165123 - in cabinet and all in tack, can anyone help me find info on these


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I have a Franklin Rotary with all attachments and manual in wood cabinet Franlin Rotary #144 works great cabinet in excellent condition. How much is this worth.

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I have a Franklin Rotary with all attachments and manual in wood cabinet Franklin Rotary #6193. It was passed along through my family. It is all black, made from wood casing. It appears that all pieces are still with the machine. I am not sure if it works or not because its' so old. There is also flowers painted on the box and the frame. Is there a estimate value of this? I live in a South Eastern area of Pennsylvania.

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I just inherited one of these Franklin machines, too. It is the classic "scarab" gilt design, in the traditional 6-drawer treadle cabinet. I don't care about value -- it is priceless to me -- but I would love to be able to date the machine. I have a S/N of 179241, and the manual is "F2142" with "Rev." Any clues there?

And to the person who needs a key, it's a triangle key, with no prongs on it. Interesting shape!

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