What Color Hose with Red Suit

housefulOctober 29, 2004

Over the last few years, I guess I have gotten lazy and bought mostly pantsuits. They are just easier for me with the kids. This weekend, however, we are going to a wedding and I decided I wanted a dress. I bought a nice red suit with a skirt that hits just below the knee and very thin black satin piping on the lapel and black satin buttons. I bought black shoes in the same satiny material as the buttons. My problem is that I am so clueless as to fashion etiquette now that I don't know what hose to wear. I got somes Hanes Sheer Barely Black, but I am not sure if that is appropriate. Maybe I should just wear fleshtone. Can someone help me?

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The "rule" is...never wear host darker than your shoes....so the barely black would be fine....but somehow, I feel nude would be better.
Linda C

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I would wear nude/natural. Black feet and legs with a red suit on top could make you look like a cherry lollipop.

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LOL--lipop! I knew the rule about shoes need to be darker, but the lollipop thing is right on. Thank you so much! I'll go get nude (not literally!)

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By the way, I should have mentioned before that the suit sounds really beautiful. Have a great time at the wedding, you'll look great!

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Thank you very much. I think it will a great time.

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Yeah, we want pictures (of you, not the bride). We can teach you to post if you have a digital camera.

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I do know how to post pictures, but I only have a regular camera so I have to get the film developed first which will be a few days.

I am so glad I chose red. EVERYONE was in black including the bridal party (except the bride, of course). And I made a point to notice that almost everyone was wearing nude hose. I sure am glad I consulted here. I usually hang out on the building forums. I even had remnants of expandable foam in my hair and on my hands, LOL! Couldn't see it though. It was really nice to dress up and get out alone with DH, except those darn heels! AAAGGGH!

The wedding was at the Arizona Biltmore if any of you are familiar with it. The food was incredible - 4 courses, not including the hors d'oeuvres hour and the wedding cake, which we didn't get to taste because we had to leave. Not sure I would have had room for it anyway, I was stuffed. Since our remodeling, we have been eating quite a bit of pizza and Pei Wei, so I didn't let any of my meal go to waste, although I am sure it is going to waist!

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Houseful, I'm glad you had fun and great food (being from the Cooking Forum that's important to me:) I read your bio, wow, 5 children, home schooling and your family is 'growing' - you are one busy gal and you're also a fitness instructor! You must come over and visit us over at Cooking when you have a kitchen again.

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Houseful, your suit sounds perfect,glad you went with the pale hose too. Come visit us on the Cooking Forum, we could use a fitness instructor from all that cooking !

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Wow , sounds like a fab weddding !! The Biltmore is our favorite hotel; we stayed there in april.... the grounds are astounding.

Yes, the nude hose is the way to go now; I wear black hose when I have a long gown or skirt, so that you don't see a pale ankle peeking between dark shoes and bottom of skirt....
but otherwise it's nude when more leg is showing.

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Mitchdesj, it is gorgeous. I remember going there for Mother's Day brunch on two occasions as a teenager. The bride recently gave up her own business where she cooked meals for families. Don't know why she quit, but I know she is into fine food. I got chastised by some friends at the wedding when I told them I needed some fashion consultation. They say I need to get out more!

Woodie2, my brother and his wife live in Port Murray, NJ and as a hobby they cook gourmet meals together. On one visit here, they cooked a whole chicke inside a loaf of bread! Out of six of us, I only have one sister that doesn't cook or bake. I even too gourmet cooking in high school and my girlfriend and I have a dream of opening in Italian bakery someday.

Dragonfly, I have some confessions -- first, as of this month, I no longer teach fitness classes. I am so busy with getting this addition built that I just did not have time to adequately prepare for each class. I also have terrible plantar faschitis and I just wanted a break until after the holidays.

Second, I do have a fully functioning kitchen. I am just too tired to plan meals. Thankfully, my family is very understanding. Drywall goes up this week, so we are close to completion. I will check out the cooking forum for some quick and easy meals.

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Okay, you've just got to expand on the chicken in a loaf of bread. I'll be looking for you at the Cooking Forum!

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