Remember this birthday party game? (Toto Maris toilet review)

enduringJanuary 12, 2014

You remember the birthday party game...

where you took one of these

and dropped them into one of these

to accomplish this to win the game

not this

Well you can lose at this game with the Toto Maris.

This luxury Toto toilet with a washlet looks like the inside of my Toto Maris (without the washlet).

The water level is only a few inches above the bottom. The long cylinder is like a jar and about 4.5" wide and about 7 or so inches tall. So if BM (not the paint brand) is longer than 4.5" it can form a bridge, spanning across left to right. You need to use something to snap the span. It could be another segment of excrement, but if you only had the one, you'll need to find another solution. Flushing multiple times does not help to float it into position, as the water spot never rises very high.

BTW, And whatever you use, don't flush it down the toilet unless it is TP.

And I want to thank Google Images for providing all the pictures for this thread. This way I can remain anonymous with this sensitive topic :)

And BTotherW, I just couldn't bring myself to use the word "turd".

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Hahahaha! What's brown and sounds like a bell?


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Remind me to never read the bath forum right before dinner.

Thank you for warning us, enduring. Job well done!

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Now this is what you don't think of when shopping! Thanks!

I had a ball reading about toilets when I was researching. Even going to bathroom and toilet specific forums, I have read soooo many ways to delicately ask about and share experience with real life toilet function. Very understandable, and i do it too, but still amusing when you read them for hours.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Ah, I love the toilet humor! ;-) Had the occasion to use the washlet features on a recent trip to SE Asia. That doohicky comes out only when you turn the knob. You get to decide if your are "done". After it sprays, it retreats. Very, very, very nice. You only need to blot gently (with no residue) then flush. My DH wouldn't even try it. But in SE Asia they can use unheated tap water (since it is alway 90 degrees). Wish I had wired my new bathroom for this option someday. You can save of wiping, when one blot will do. So there is no need to worry about suspending "things" sideways. ;-)


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So glad to be of help to you all. My mother would be appalled if she read my post!

But I may need to clarify.

The washlet is a red herring in this post, it has nothing to do with my experience. I only found that image in a search, to illustrate the bottom of the toilet that is like my Maris. To bad the bidet is in the image.

I don't have a bidet with my new Maris, but hope to some day soon.

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I feel your pain and geometry. For all Toto's dual-flushing-sanagloss tripe, the wrong shape/size/orientation of a turd or turds easily, at best, creates a massive poo-stripe, at worst, a plugged toilet. Very over-rated.

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Harlowe, ha! you've found this silly thread. What were you looking for, to pull this up after all these months :) ?

We've been using the toilet for almost a year and for the most part it has been functioning just fine. Though Harlowe is right about the poo-stripe. My DH likes the small water spot because he says with standing and urinating it does not splash like the old fashioned large water spot toilets. It could also be that this is the first elongated toilet we have had and this shape helps prevent water splashing too. I hope that I continue to get good service out of this toilet. My other, Promenade, has been excellent in the other bathroom, that gets used heavily during the day.

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For reference, does your Maris have the dual-action cyclone flush? An older version has been discontinued.

The ones I've seen have a "cyclone flush" that comes out in two locations in the rim, and then another surge of water that comes from down in the well.

Here's a similar bowl. You can see the "surge" outlet down in the well. One of the "cyclone" outlets can be seen in the rim at the 12 o'clock position. The other cyclone outlet is at about 4 o'clock on the rim as viewed in this photo.

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Mongo, I think your post must have been edited several times, cause this is not the post that shows in my email LOL. Yes you should be banned! ;)

The toilet you show is exactly like my toilet bowl style. That deep throat, where the water only comes 1/2 up, I think is part of the problem with stool streaking. No surface lubrication from standing water.

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Dear Mongo and Enduring:

Apparently we aren't the only ones over-challenged by our $650 swishy Maris toilets: I sent one last desperate email to Toto (I had already called months earlier and was advised by their Technical Department to flush during the motion and again at the end. Sorry, no contortionists in my family, no-can-do) and they are allegedly sending me a new toilet, a different model that I am having a better (ie unremarkable) experience with, a Guinivere. I will believe it when the throne is delivered to my porch, but the speed and completeness of the response suggests to me that I am not the only one to rail at the cost/benefit intersection of the Maris.

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Enduring, yes, I edited. Poster's remorse? lol

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Babka NorCal 9b

I wonder if they intended this model toilet to always have a washlet seat which would add more water and remove any smears. But having to flush repeatedly and have perfect aim is a no go for me. What were they thinking????


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Mongo, I have a few of those remorseful occasions. One, where my humor was insulting...regret it every time I think about it. Your post however was totally supportive and silly. Always appreciate your contributions to the forum :)

Babka, I don't really know if having an advanced toilet seat would help. Actually, overall the toilet has worked fairly well for me, though I would not recommend this style of bowl. I don't know how many models have this style. I thought the flush system sounded effective and efficient so I went with it. It has a skirted bowl which is really a great feature. I would definitely go with a skirted bowl again.

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