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cometfernOctober 24, 2003

Which body wash keeps your skin soft throughout the dry winter?

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I don't use a body wash per se so I think I'll leave that part to the ladies. I do, however, get dreadfully dry skin in the winter. To remedy that, I just slap on the 'ol baby oil before I dress and it keeps my skin soft, smooth and hydrated all day - and well into the night...which isn't a bad thing when the wife wants to get all cuddly. :)


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I really like the new Dove exfoliating body wash because it leave my skin feeling great, also I like the Dove exfoliating bar soap. After I shower and after a quick dry so there is still some moisture on my skin I spritz L'oreal HydraFresh all over and it absorbs really well and keeps my skin soft all day and it has a nice scent also. Its a lot quicker then a regular lotion and very light not greasy at all.

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I use Dove "regular" and don't have dry skin issues.

Jenny, what is in the HydraFresh? Oil? My husband is the one with issues and this might be good for him.

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Love baby oil, too. Last step of my shower is to slather it on, then I towel dry it off. Been doing that since I was 7, because my parents insisted we lotion up after showering and it saved time for me to do it right in the shower. Glad I did it because today (years later) massage therapists have remarked on how smooth my skin is.

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Weed HydraFresh is a spray on lotion its made by L'oreal and comes in a green bottle and is part of the Body Expertise line. I don't believe there is any oil in it and none of the ingredients sounds like oils! The back of the bottle says...

Enriched with vitamins E and B5, HYDRAFRESH spray enables your skin to maintain a lasting natural level of hydration.

Infused with vitamin C HYDRAFRESH invigorates your skin

From the first application, your skin is refreshed and moisturized for 24 hours

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions about it! I use the Dove exfoliating body wash or bar soap every day or the Body Expertise body scrub about once a week and always follow with this lotion and it has worked great in preventing dry skin from ever happening.

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The Shi Kai brand (at health food stores or Whole Foods Market) and Oil of Olay's "Complete" Body Wash are the best moisturizing shower gels.

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JennyIL, I got some of the Hydrafresh today. There was a deal at Walgreens, buy the Hydrafresh and get a free bottle of lotion from that line. Seems pretty good and easy to use!

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Jenny, I like it! I jinxed myself by posting at all, and suddenly my back was itchy and dry. I spritzed some on after my shower -- very nice. Thanks for the tip!

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