Laser Hair Removal

mary_md7October 30, 2004

My annual bonus this year will fund something I've been thinking about for a long time--laser hair removal. My plan is full leg and, ahem, bikini. I'm looking forward to never shaving/waxing again.

So, anybody with experiences in this arena to share?

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Look forward to a decent amt of pain & it taking a long time to reach those results since treatments are weeks apart (in my case 10 wks apart). I've had 5 treatments so far for an extended bikini & so far there are only patchy results. they org told me it would probably take 6 treatments, although I doubt it. I take ibuprofen before going & use emla cream to numb the area & this time with the raised intensity it still hurt ALLOT in certain areas. Thank goodness it's a small area. I can see doing my eyebrows in the future but I don't think I could stand the pain of having my legs done b/c of the large area.


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I purchased the suggested package of treatments for my upper lip and between my eyes. It hurt - but I survived. I did not want to go anywhere immediately afterward, so I scheduled my sessions after work. I was considered a good candidate because I have fair skin and dark hair. My results: (1) between eyes- effective, however there is no fine line between my eyebrows and where I wanted the hair permanently removed, so I still have to clean up that area with tweezers (2) I'm not satisfied with my upper lip area, however I will not return for more sessions because I've noticed some skin discoloration afterwards - the skin is darker than before.

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I have chills as I write this. I had laser treatments for upper lip hair removal and don't ever want to go through that pain again. Even though numbing cream was applied to the area it hurt like H___L. My body would jerk up every single time in reaction to the Zap. And I have a high pain tolerance. Tweezing the upper lip hair was a peace of cake compared to the laser treatments.

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I've had 7 treatments & still need more. There are areas that are completely hair free & smooth (nice), some patches where if this were left this way I'd still have to shave but it's much less coarse that in it was. I'm going for treatment # 8 next week. With the last treatment they started doing a double pass AND raised the setting AND I think it worked much better. You definitely HAVE to use emla (prescription strength) numbing cream about 1/2 hr before REALLY thick. it takes that long to work. In addition I was told to apply plastic wrap over the area - I guess it soaks in better plus I take pain meds before going. If you have ANY stubble it hurts MUCH more so ahve well right before going!!

I'm hoping that this process will be complete before bathing suit weather!

I asked about eyebrow laser hair removal & they do not do under the brow line b/c the area is not flat. They can do btn the brows but I have no hair there so it's not worth it to me.


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I gave up salon hair coloring to pay for my laser hair removal!

I'm having my upper lip and chin done...oh what the change in hormones can do! It sure does hurt a lot but only for the nano second that the laser is applied to each area. If you think of something like a staple gun or nail gun that is similiar conceptually---each "dose" of the laser takes about the same time as one staple thru a staple gun. Although I've never counted, I think they hit my upper lip with the laser about 20-30 times per treatment. Nurses do it where I go and they are very fast with the laser--which is a very good thing. Usually, I need a few seconds of a "break" twice during the session. They wisely don't allow more than a two or three second "break". There is no sense prolonging the treatment. Have you ever had a small section of your skin pinched to the point you get shivers? That's how it feels to me. After the treatment, I can "remember" the feeling and will shiver. The freshly lasered area of my skin looks and feels sunburned after a treatment but that is all gone by morning. I agree it's wise to shave well right before going for the treatment. I get mine done after work also.

Despite the cost and the seconds of pain (I don't have the numbing gel), it has been well worth it to me and my morale. I don't need to shave for a week or so afterward until the next crop grows in. I've had 3 treatments and the majority of my upper lip and chin are hair-free. I no longer look like I have 5 o'clock shadow on my lip (by 5 o'clock!). I can't describe how good it feels not to be checking for stubble all day long and feeling self-conscious. Going through menopause is hard enough without visible signs that suggest you are becoming "manly"!

I know people who have had their legs, underarms, bikini, lips and chin done and are glad they did. I also know one poor young guy who is having his whole super furry back and neck done-it takes a lot of his courage and determination to face even one treatment and I don't know how many his requires. The nurses told me a lot of guys have areas of their beard done because of chronic problems with infected ingrown hairs.

I have not noticed any skin darkening due to the treatment. I have had the skin all around my mouth darken along with the hormone changes (think "clown")although I don't think anybody has noticed but me. Another good way to give yourself darkened patches is going in the sun while taking an antibiotic. I noticed that sun will darken the area. I went to Sephora and they have a product that will lighten the darkened areas in about three months. If darkening is a problem, it's important to always apply sunblock to those areas.

Another thing I learned is that the laser won't work on gray hair. Wish I knew that before a few of my "whiskers" turned gray! I have to tweeze only those but it's no big deal.

Hope this helps someone out there!

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I was wondering what the going rate is for hair removal for the upper lip?
Also i have been doing elctroysis for eyebrows, and it is taking some time but i do see results. I am almost done. For people with a few grey chin hairs...electrolysis would be ideal, it is an inexpensive treatment and probably would only take a few treatments. probably $20 every 8 weeks for about 3 or 4 times. It is good for small areas, with sparce hairs, not good for upper lip, takes too long and could be uncomfortable for the time it would take ot get each one.

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Keep away from the Lougheed Laser Centre Vancouver Burnaby Whistler.

The lougheed laser clinic severely burned me during a laser hair removal treatment. I needed medical attention after the laser hair removal treatment. The Vancouver Lougheed Laser clinic severly burned by legs in a laser treatment then blamed me for their incompetence.

I was horribly burned from the laser hair removal procedure and it took me over two years to heal from the laser burns. I've heard they have burned other women having laser hair removal in Vancouver and Burnaby but they have a high priced lawyer that refuse to admit they do anything wrong.

Stay away from the Lougheed Laser Center for the health of your skin as they may burn your skin with their laser hair removal machine. Their technicians will never mention that they may burn you during their consultation and if they burn you the Lougheed Laser Center will not admit they did anything wrong. Check the better business bureau as I am going to file a report against the Lougheed Laser Centre in Vancouver Burnaby Whistler. I'm also going to file a complaint against them with the College of Physicians and Surgeons for the laser burn injuries. Find a reputable laser hair removal clinic, you won't regret it and will be much happier with the laser hair removal results.

Be careful

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Wow, Deb, that's scary! How could they possibly blame you for burns? I mean, YOU had no control over the laser. Are you healing now? How do they treat laser burns?

I had Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments on my legs, bikini and feet. I went every three weeks for a full year. Much of the hair is gone, but it's in patches -- "bald" patches in the exact shape of the IPL wand. Maybe if I'd kept going, all the hair might be gone, but it was getting kind of tiresome. As for pain, I hardly felt a thing, even on the bikini line.

Now, I'm having electrolysis on my upper lip and chin. I find it quite painful and slow, but the hair is light brown / greyish and wouldn't respond well to laser.

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I had my legs done and it is wonderful. I don't have to shave ever again. Money well spent, for me.

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I had my lower legs and chin done a few years ago, minimal pain and all hair gone except for some "fuzz" that doesn't really show. Under the nose and upper lip were very sensitive to pain. They have to use a lower level of laser toward the center line of the body, where there are more nerve endings. I did not use any pain meds or cream except an ice cube.

I'm very satisfied and glad to be free of that old razor!

I suggest you use a doctor, rather than a "technician". and also - our hair does not grow all at the same schedule, like a crop of wheat, so you will have to get return treatments until you have killed it all off.

Definitely worth it!

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Bob Ice

My wife has a sensitive skin but got her hair removal treatment done and had no problems afterwards.

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