what do you keep your jewelry in?

creamgogoOctober 25, 2006

i'm tired of unknotting my chains and digging to find the mate to an earring. i've heard ice cube trays work, but what the heck do you do with a stack of those? lmk, please, aa

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I use 3 jewelry boxes and it is confusing and difficult to find things. And if you cannot find things, they don't get worn, so what's the point of having jewelry then?

Bed, Bath & Beyond has some flat trays (similar to ice cube trays), maybe 7x9 inches. They can stack and hold quite a few earrings. I think it's important to store jewelry carefully or it gets beat-up bumping against other pieces. Even if it's cheap stuff, might as well try to keep it looking good.

Also QVC has some nice ones, the Lori Greiner boxes. Sometimes they come up on ebay. I'll be interested to hear what others do.

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My necklaces & bracelets hang on small hooks in a bulletin board (actually two BBs) hanging in my closet. I made an earring holder by attaching window screening to a picture frame.

These solutions are so much better than what I had before, which was pretty much what creamgogo described.

However, it's still not ideal. Silver jewelry should be stored inside a small ziploc, that's what the silver jewelry sellers keep telling me. And I wish I had it all in one (well lit!) spot where I could see it all at the same time.

My current dream is to have something like a map drawer - you know, a very narrow (in height) drawer, but one that is actually large & wide, into which I can put dividers. That would make things so much easier to organize.

For example, I want to be able to store matching jewelery sets (earrings/bracelet/necklace) together; like colors together, etc. I thought the map drawers idea would work great, but the problem is, those things aren't cheap! And I just can't justify spending several hundred $$ to store my costume jewelry in, even though, as you may have guessed, I do have a lot of it.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I am in the process of lining several drawers in my vanity with Pacific Silvercloth. It's the material used in lining sterling flatware boxes. This way, I'll be able to lay my sterling out in it and not worry about tarnishing. I'm also making a "cover" to lay on top of everything while the drawer is closed. I have mostly sterling so this works for me.

My drawers in the vanity are ideal because they are about 12" wide and shallow.

All my other jewelry is in trays in drawers or in a jewelry roll that has plastic compartments.

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