'Between the Toe' Sandals--'End-of-he-Trail' or 'Still Stylish'?

cbarkstonOctober 3, 2006

I'm investing in some good quality sandals at end-of-the-year close-out prices!!! I only do this every several years so I'd like to invest in some shoes with longevity, not only as far as wear, but with classic style, too. I'd like your opinions on longevity of the "thong" style sandal as opposed to just plain old open toe, open heel strappy type casual sandals. Do you think the "between the toe" style will be around and in fasion for a few more years or do you think they're at the end of the trail, so to speak? And while we're at it---what do you think about the capri pant? A fasion "yesterday" or are they at the tail-end of a trend???!!! TIA for you advice!!!

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I'm no authority by a long shot; however, I did see the Berkenstock lady showing thong style Berkenstocks on QVC just a few weeks ago.
Personally I think the capri pants are the bees kneesâº
Tons of the gals at the school where I work wear them all the time.

Again, I'm no authority but I think I share the feeling of many others in that, if it looks good on me and I feel good wearing it, and I get lots of compliments...I'm gonna wear it!

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Like Suelahoo I'm no authority either, but I do think thong-type sandals have been around for a long time and will always be worn. I do consider them a more casual type sandal though.

I like the crop pants, capris and all those shorter lengths. They work especially well when you don't want to wear shorts or long pants. I work in a school too and lots of the people there wear them. I have a feeling that type of pants will be around for some time to come also.

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