Dry Cuticles??

cometfernOctober 28, 2002

Hi Ladies

Ok is there a proper way to care for these things? Are you suppose to trim them or leave them? Also my are very very dry and lotion just doesn't help any suggestions?

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No, don't cut/trim them, just push them back. What lotion do you use? Eucerin is good. Vaseline has new product specially for hands that is great (I've to dig through my stash to get the exact name). Olay Total Effect has special cream for cuticles in pen-style. Right now I use Olay Total Effect Hand Intensive Treatment which has SPF and at night I use AmLactin 12% (lactic acid) for hands, elbows and feet. I got my AmLactin at Costco in big bottle. I don't know if drugstores carry it in smaller size or not. I love it, keeps my hands and feet soft.

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Just saw it at the store Sally Hansen has Message Cuticle Cream in round tin. Might worth to try.

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In the winter, I rub a touch of "bag balm" (you know, in the square, green can)onto my nails. That seems to keep them healthy. It may just be the act of massaging the area that rejeuvenates (sp?) them. Try any kind of oil.

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I buy a lovely cream at my beauty supply originally made for horse hoofs. It really makes the cuticles look great and helps the nails grow. I keep a little container of it in my purse too.

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You'll hear all sorts of opinions on the whole cutting/not cutting issue (I trim mine because they seem to grow triple time). I suffer from some kind of eczema as well on 6 of my 10 fingers. I've tried EVERYTHING under the sun to keep the cuticles soft and the inflamed, red, itchy eczema under control and you'll never believe what works. Has your DM ever told you to use your Blistex on your dry, chapped nose when you have a cold and have blown it too much? Well, I use medicated Blistex (the dark blue pot) on my cuticles and it's AMAZING!!! I've had problem with my cuticles/eczema for over a year, where the problem was constant and ongoing (I could never get to go completely away for more than a week). I've been using the Blistex once a day for 6 weeks, and my hands/naiils have looked great the whole time! I know it sounds crazy, but give it a try! It's not very expensive and if you're only using it on your cuticles, it will last forever!

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I bought this moisturizing cuticle stick and it is exactly like chapstick. It works very well & why not? Whatever moisturizes & protects sensitive lip skin would work on cuticles.


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Avon has something called "Advanced Mira-cuticles that I massage into mine. It works for me.

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The most important thing is to use the lotions and creams regularly all day and before bed. If I forget my cuticles are dry and hanging by the end of the day.

A paraffin spa using a tea tree oil scented wax is a wonderful end of the day treatment in winter. I dip my hands and feet, wrap them in plastic , put on mitts and slippers and let them cool off, then peel off the wax and rub in more lotion or cream.

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I really like blistex ... like chapstick but it has a bit of a fresh tingle

If its really bad I put petrolium jelly on cuticles before bed and wear lotion gloves, the next morning I push them back and just trim whatever looks like might turn into a hangnail.

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olive oil. grapeseed oil. after a shower, rub it in to your whole hand, then use the pad of your thumb to push back the cuticles on the opposite hand... after thre days of this, they should 'free' themselves, and be more mobile and supple.

NAIL JUNK KILLS CUTICLES. polish. remover. fiberglass. acrylic. all of it. lay off it for a while- learn to give yourself a real 'french' manicure, where the nails are buffed and oiled on the tops, and whitened with a pencil (revlon and sally hansen both make them) under the free edge.

carmex, blistex intensive, and the like are ok- but burt's bees (the healing comfrey balm with lavander especially) is better, since it had no petroleum in it.

vaseline is addicting- petroleum is hydrophillic- meaning it will suck the moisture out of your skin- I have accues them of doing this deliberately, so the more you use, the drier your skin gets, the more cream you slather on, the more cream they sell...

but I can't prove a word of it.

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Mine used to be dry and cracked all the time, which led to painful hangnails. But no problems anymore - I've been using Avon Moisture Therapy Hand Cream for Extremely Dry Skin for years now. It's the same formula as Neutrogena hand cream but much cheaper. I keep one at work, one in my bag, one by the bed, etc.

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I agree w/chinacat & bling. For the best skin/nail/hair treatments the best place to shop is in your pantry. Olive oil, coconut oil, etc. All natural, no chemicals, better for your skin and much, much more cost effective.

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chinacat - "NAIL JUNK KILLS CUTICLES. polish. remover. fiberglass. acrylic"

Sorry but that's just not true. Polish remover is drying but that's why you moisturize after each manicure. Polish protects the nails. Any any good nail tech doesnt let acrylic or fiberglass touch the cuticles. That's why it's important to let a professional apply enhancements.

Ladies, get some Solar Oil, some Sally's Beauty Supply sells it. Or ask your nail technician to order it for you.

Put a drop on each cuticule and massage in each night.

You'll see.

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yes shaun, the solar oil is very good, the little bottle with the brush is easy to use.

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I think you should a hand and nail cream that is natural. Wash your hand with milk soap only and don't use soap that has harsh substances. Don't soak your hand in water for a long time. You can also take a vitamin for skin, nail and hair.

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I use vitamin E every night. seems to work well for me.

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