'Smudge-Proof' Stainless Steel Appliances?

sarapamelaFebruary 19, 2012

DH wants SS appliances in soon-to-be-renovated condo kitchen. I don't like the ones in our primary home's kitchen, because they always have smudges on them....even after I spend 10 mins. cleaning them w/ all the highly rated cleaners. Which manufacturers make their appliances with the stainless finish that doesn't show every fingerprint? I think I saw a Frigidaire refrigerator with a nice finish. Does anyone have that one? Do any of you have SS appliances that are easy to keep clean or that have a non-smudge finish?

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I just use Weimans Cleaner/Polish about once a week at most and they all stay looking like brand new.

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I got my First stainless fridge 2 weeks ago. Mine is a KA french door. So far finger prints are not a big issue. I use Weinman's cleaner once a week and wipe it with the microfiber cloth we keep with the cleaner every few days in between and it almost always looks fabulous. Ever with my partner's kids the other weekend it didn't look bad. With a 16 and 9 year old around I thought I might go mad wiping it down from kids that touch everything but nope.

Frigidaire markets a fingerprint resistant finish and I bet it is offered on the electolux also.
but If you are worried that much about it go with stainless look appliances..... they look bright and shiny some mimic stainless well and sometimes are a little cheaper

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I have a pair of Frigidaire Pros and I'm surprised at how nice the finish is. It is virtually smudge-proof. When there is anything, it just wipes off, usually with just a dry cloth.

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We saw a Samsung french door frig w/ freezer drawer on the bottom. It will fit great and it has the Stainless Steel look I like that doesn't smudge! It looks like a reasonable deal, too.... However, I don't like the other Samsung appliances as much as the frig, and it seems Samsung's dishwashers are not the greatest.

So now I am considering getting the Samsung frig in the Stainless "look" finish and the GE Clean Steel dishwasher, which is similar but not identical in "color". Then we found a GE slide-in range and matching microwave that we like, but they are real Stainless Steel and they are not available in the "Clean Steel"!

Do you think I will regret getting ones that don't match? The finishes of the frig and dw will be very similar (one is opposite other in galley kitchen), but the stove and microwave will be real stainless and a bit shinier than the matte/brushed nickle looking "Clean Steel" and Samsung "no fingerprint" finish? Will anyone notice?!!????

Help! The promotion ends tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do.....

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I haven't noticed any problem with fingerprints on my new GE Profile stainless induction range.

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do you mean frigidaire "silver mist"? It's a grey colored metal. Our fridge and dw are silver mist (I think) in our rental. Our range is stainless and our otr micro is stainless (all frigidaire).

I don't think it looks terrible but I don't think it looks great. It doesn't show fingerprints at all. It doesn't bother me that it's not an exact match for the stainless, but I probably wouldn't choose this in my own home. It might be just fine in a condo, and better than mixing stainless and black or white IMO.

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We have a Fridgidaire Gallery french door fridge and it's smudge proof and we love it.

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Just got all new SS appliances. I just checked the internet about how to clean and watched a video about using Pamm to wipe off fingerprints from the handles of the frig. Well, I tried it and it worked,so then I sprayed the doors, etc the whole works and it still looks great. Has anyone else seen the video? Has anyone else tried this "heloise-like remedy? Also wiped it on the new DW and am about to do my Thermador stove but thought I'd see if anyone had any bad results. Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

You will never find any of the upper end appliance manufacturers working with fake stainless. And really, why should they? Stainless only has such a bad reputation for cleanability due to the massive overuse of greasey "cleaners" that minimize greasy fingerprints by coating the whole thing in oil. Yuck! That only attracts dirt. You want something with a silicone or wax base, like plain old Pledge furniture polish. Yes, Pledge. If you completely remove all of the grease, and it may take quite a bit of elbow grease to do that, then the Pledge will provide a protective barrier between the stainless and the oils in your hands.

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I find the fake stainless finishes to look cheap, more like silver paint than stainless steel. S/S shows fingerprints, but that's just part of the look. Also, some of the fake stainless finishes are coatings that scratch easily.

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I have had a Frigidaire Gallery gas range in the Smudge proof stainless for a few months. It is real steel and it does stay looking clean better than the kitchen aid fridge. I just ordered a matching dishwasher too.

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I will apply this in the next few months and let you know how well it works.

Reasonably priced considering the difference between a built-in Miele fridge and a built-in KA.

Miele has "clean touch" products, Ge has some products in "clean steel." A search for other brands following suit might be worthwhile.

You could also insist everyone wear gloves in the kitchen... LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless Steel Shield

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If you're starting off with brand new SS appliances, you can just use water and a microfiber cloth, with some elbow grease! There is then no buildup of cleaners. Of course, it is a lot easier if you don't wait until there are some major fingerprints, the kind that aren't just oils from your hands but include the food you've been preparing with your hands!

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GE just launched a new finish called Slate. Same colour as stainless, but more matte, and supposedly less prone to fingerprints.

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Have seen the slate GE's, but they still don't have a complete kitchen set! Not sure I like the color; looks like a graphite. Will keep looking. Thanks for all the info!!

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Frigidaire all freezer and all refrigerator are smudge proof. Sides are painted gray because they are built ins, but front is stainless steel.

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Oops--editing to say I should have said that I agree with drbeanie---I got mixed up on who posted what. I haven't had my appliances a long time, but I have read that other products, especially oily ones, can build up on the surface and cause the appliances to smudge more. Plus, I like the simplicity of one product for the appliances and counters. I do not, however, have a SS refrigerator yet, and I imagine that will be more of a challenge to keep clean because it's the only appliance that the entire family is touching frequently. Hopefully, the quick wipe with the microfiber cloth and my alcohol-water mixture will suffice for the refrigerator, too. With this mixture, I can spot clean, too, without having to wipe down the entire surface every time.

I agree wtih Peke. If you want or need more than just water, put about 1/2 cup of alcohol and 1 to 3 drops of liquid DW detergent into a 32-ounce spray bottle and fill it up with water. This mixture can be used on your SS appliances, as well as the granite.

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Great thought.
Also my Miele DW doesn't smudge but my others will(wolf,ge, elux). I taught my DH to use the handles, so not a big problem.

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I have heard of people using Pledge, Pam, oil, Windex, and ammonia.

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I have heard of people using Pledge, Pam, oil, Windex, and ammonia.

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I tried Windex...nope. I tried Pam...nope...just left it oily. Tried plain damp microfiber cloth...nope. Will keep trying. My only fingerprints are from the installers. My Broan hood did not have protective plastic on it, but the s.s. baffles did. How weird is that?

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Well I have to say after getting the frigidaire dishwasher I'm to match the stove they both always look good I'my kitchen. It is now just me and I don't tend to be messy and such. So since not so dear partner has thankfully left and there are kids around infrequently even my kitchen aid fridge stays clean.

I still find the wieniemam spray and a microfiber towel the easiest way to clean for me

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I run the Appliances Dept at a Home Depot and GE now does make the slate finish in all appliances. There is not a huge variety but there are a couple of French Door fridges, ranges, 2 types of dishwasher(front control and top) and 2 OTR microwaves. That being said, the finish is GORGEOUS and this is what I will be replacing all my appliances with next year. It is definitely not SS but it is a graphite matte finish and does not show fingerprints and is beautiful. I cannot stand the SS. We have a ton of them on display and they always look terrible from fingerprints. I have 3 kids, one of whom is 5 years old and Autistic plus 3 dogs and 4 cats & work 45 hours a week and the last thing I want to have to worry about is wiping down my appliances every day. It's just not gonna happen. Slate is a good alternative. My best friend has SS ( LG fridge, KA range, OTR micro & dishwasher) and she has 2 kids and works 60 hour weeks and is also not a daily wiper (lol) and her appliances show every fingerprint, drip and spatter so if you're not committed to the upkeep, check out the Slate finish. It's a pretty finish. Ge also makes Clean Steel which is basically a SS looking skin. We no longer have this finish on display but it doesn't look particularly fake like the SS look mini fridges do. So that is another alternative. You may be able to find it on display at a local appliance store (PC Richard, Plesser's, etc) rather than a big box. I don't recall seeing it on display at Lowe's either. Hope that helps.

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I saw the refrigerator in slate last week and it IS beautiful. I didn't realize they had added other appliances in the slate finish.

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I was hesitant to replace my white appliances with stainless steel due to the fingerprint issue. Never have been a fan of stainless steel due to this problem. I had my Frigidaire Gallery Duel Fuel range with smudge proof finish installed a week ago. I love this stainless steel with spray finish and cleaning my stove is a breeze. This is stainless steel not the Silver Mist. The Gallery OTR microwave and dishwasher to be installed next week..

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logansam54, thank you for that info. I liked the graphite fridge when I saw it at Menards but no matching appliances at the time. Do they have a gas range?

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I've been looking at a new SS kitchen since my detested black dw failed. I know I'd regret if I didn't get the smudge resistant. I do like the slate but that won't go well in my kitchen with all the warm colors and black granite. SS it is!. Not too crazy about the chrome strip on the handles. Cricket5050, do you find this distracting at all?

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Do you mean the handles are made of chrome? If so, I have never noticed it. So, no it is not distracting. I still love mine after a year and half. When I go to the big box stores and look at the ss appliances with all the smudges it confirms I made the right purchase

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