New perfumes - really irritating!

weed30October 14, 2003

In the past year I've bought two new scents and they just don't last. Of course the sales people always suggest "layering".....buying the scented lotion and putting that on, then adding the perfume. Well sorry, I should not have to spend another $30 on the lotion in order to get the scent to actually last through the day!!

Anyone else notice this? I'm really disappointed, because I love Ralph Lauren's new scent called Blue.

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I have noticed that people are not as heavily scented as they were in the 80s. Maybe this is why. I have not been able to find a scent I can wear without getting headachy and sick so I don't notice that they fade. Fine on others, bad on me. So bummed.

Have you considered that they might not be lasting because you are so close that you can no longer smell it? Can other people still get a nose full of scent?


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Eileen, others can't smell it either after a short while. (I asked my sister and husband.) I think this is a plot to get us to spend more.

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weed, it's funny but I was thinking the same thing about my Spring Fever cologne that I like so much and have been wearing for 6 years. Possibly I've gotten so used to it.....

I personally love scented lotion and layering the cologne, granted it makes you spend more but it does give you a more enveloping scent that develops with your body heat as the day wears on...

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I have several samples of RL Blue... and don't think it lasts at all. The new fragrance by Lauder,, Beyond Paradise is nice but smells completely different about two hours after you apply it...terrible when you first spray it on I think, later sort of musky.

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If you want something that lasts try essential oils.

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Essential oils? Sounds like something you have to select and mix yourself? Not sure I would be good at that :)

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me either Weed, I would come up with a terrible mess I think. I love those samples from the magazines,, always stick them in my checkbook or use them as book marks.
I am very fickle with fragrance, I always love the one I'm with at the moment- always ready to try a new one too and am always asking at the fragrance counter for samples.. depending on how I am dressed at the time and how much I look to the salesgirl I can afford to spend dictates the number of samples I get... funny huh?? The spiffier I am dressed the more 'samples' what's with that? Do they think if you look like you don't need them you get more???
When I ask when I look like a scrunge,,, answer always: 'no'.

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Funny about those samples -- the Ralph Lauren small sample spray bottle that they're giving out is selling on ebay! You wouldn't believe what people are paying for it. I think I saw one wiht 4 samples that went for $26!

I like the mag samples too - if I like the fragrance I put it in my undie drawer.

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Whole Foods Market in New Orleans has a nice selection of premixed essential oils. Nemat is one of the brands they carry. I see it's avaiable at Wild Oats Market in SL.

You only need to use a few drops and since there's no alcohol the fragrance doesn't dissipate like it does with colognes and some perfumes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nemat essential oils

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I've seen that display -- next time I'm there I'll pay more attention. Thanks :)

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It seems to last longer and the scent 'deteriorates' less when I put a tiny bit on my hair or clothing instead of on my skin. I think something to do with heat making it break down quicker. I agree -- all that layering just costs more and is usually too strong.

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I love Beyond Paradise I think it smells great! No muskiness at all. I guess perfumes smell and react different on different people. Also sometimes samples are like testers and more watered down that may have something to do with it. I just bought the Beyond Paradise along with FCUK and really like both of them. They both last well for me, I usually just put them on right after my regular lotion and that helps them last. I think I may go back for the Beyond Pardise lotion though

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actually, dabbing a bit of unscented moisturizer on your skin before you spritz will make the scents last longer- psrt of the problem is that most people put cologne on right after a bath- when there is no oil on their skin, and it's the oils that hold the scent to the skin.

and I'm a big fan of natural scents- Hove perfumiers in New ORleans does these wonderful solid perfumes (beeswax and jojoba base) that last all day on my pulse-points : ) and they're totally natural and batched by hand.

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Sunny3 - I notice that too - spraying on my hair/clothes.

Will also try putting on top of some unscented lotion.

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Well, I broke down and bought the d*mned lotion! Actually I bought one of those Xmas bonus type packages, which has a large bottle of the perfume and the lotion for a better price. grumble grumble. But, I do love this scent!

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Weed, you might get hooked on the layering thing, LOL.... I knew you'd give in eventually.....

I find that the lotion has a more powdery scent, and really does leave an enveloping kind of very pleasant memory of your perfume.... wow, I really like how this sentence sounds,,,, LOL !

I sometimes use a more generic unscented lotion for dryness, like Keri, (harsh mtl winters) and then apply my scented lotion to some strategic areas which would be most enclined to be warm throughout the day.

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mitch - you should be in advertising ;)

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I want to thank all of you ladies for your posts in this topic, I've been wondering why lately my perfume scents go away a short period of time after I apply them. It's so aggravating! I'm going to try some of your tips.

And here all along I thought it was just ME! YaY! : )

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Sassafras, I saw on the other thread that you also like Heart. Isn't funny that the least expensive scent lasts all day?!! That's my experience with Heart.

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weed that's so true!

A funny story~ One day when I was cleaning house I was re-applying the vanilla oil that you put on the lamp rings that fit over the lightbulbs, and I accidentally got some on my hands while applying it. I went to work that day and 3 people told me I smelled really good and wanted to know what perfume I was wearing, they wanted to get some too. The only reply I could think of before I broke out laughing was 'Parfum eau de Lightbulb'. That stuff really has lasting power! ;)

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LOL! Maybe you should start your own line :)

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Sassafras, same concept with essential oils. The staying power is amazing!

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You are right Weed, each time I've worn Heart to work I have gotten compliments.. funny because I can't smell it after I put it on. Thanks for turning me on to this nice inexpensive fragrance..

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