Retninking the Whole OTR Microwave

flynnnjFebruary 15, 2012

I really never wanted the OTR microwave above the stove and with everyone's feedback I'm rethinking it. Right now I have a small Magic Chef counter microwave that has been just fine for my needs. What do you think about putting that and my coffee maker next to the refrigerator since that counter will be 30' deep. The upper cabinet will be 18' deep, glass front going to molding near ceiling - then I could make another smaller cabinet underneath, no glass, with pocket doors and behind it would be those 2 appliance.

I have seen some great photos on GW of people who have done something similar.

If you don't think that's a good idea what other suggestions do you have for the microwave placement> I am going to cross-post this on appliances too. If I do this idea than I'll need suggestions for the hood over the stove because I do need to keep the soffit in that area.

I have to race to teach so I don't have time to post my plans but you can see them under the kitchen link if that helps to understand what I'm thinking about.

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I think it sounds fine. Microwaves are useful next to refrigerators, and with the deep counter you should have room for the appliance garage. Just make sure that the door mechanism is easy to use. Often the doors just sit open if they have to be fiddled with. Also, you'll probably want to pull your coffee maker forward to use. You don't have to, but it'll keep the steam from just hitting the cupboard.

There are many shallow and low profile hoods.

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I, too, am not a fan of OTR microwaves since I prefer more clearance over the burners than most OTR microwaves allow. An appliance garage is a nice idea, especially since you will not put glass fronted cabinets over it. Microwaves and coffee pots produce a lot of steam that will fog/streak the glass.

Something I have been seeing a lot on TV home shows that I find interesting is building the microwave into the cabinets. Either even with the bottom of the upper cabinets (but not over the stove), or directly below the counter top. This will probably take custom cabinetry, and I am not sure if you are planning on standard cabinetry or are having them custom built.

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My parent have an OTR microwave - we hate it - poor microwave and poor fan and noisy, poor light, just too compromised - and it was not a cheap model.
I'm a big fan of the MW / wall oven integrated units - look great and if you already have a wall oven, it fits into that bank of cupboards well. I'm leaning towards the Kitchen Aid for our upcoming redo.

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tomcarter101-"if wishes were fishes" - having a wall/MW would be wonderful but I don't have the space in this kitchen. I'm so happy for you though- that's the arrangement I had in my previous house and I loved it.

I would like to have a pocket door right on the counter to hide both appliances. I just don't use them enough to warrant looking at them all the time. Jim Bishop doesn't offer this type of glide but here's my idea - if I get the cabinet with an inset door I can retrofit them with the glides from Accuride or another similar hardware company.

The KD doesn't seem over - enthused about the idea. If he can't/won't do it, I may order the cabinet with doors and just ask that they're sent without being attached and do it myself. The rest of the kitchen will be full overlay but I would make these 2 doors inset to accommodate the glides.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pocket/Flipper Door

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Go for it. Our microwave is on the counter near the fridge and it works well for us there. I don't think I'd want to lean forward over a deep counter or even a range to pull down hot soup that's at eye level. Sounds as though you have the counter space for it. I've got more counter space than upper cabinet space to spare, so even after we rearrange the kitchen a bit, I think our MW will still live on the counter.

My husband, the coffee drinker in the house, would probably tell you to make sure your coffee maker is near a sink. I bet you have already got that covered.

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northcarolina -thanks for the encouragement. Just like you, I was really nervous about reaching up to take hot things out of the microwave. I also 'practiced' having it above the stove and hated it. When I was cooking hot cereal and wanted to microwave bacon I was very uncomfortable reaching above the pot with the boiling water to open the microwave - I even felt like it would be easy for my sleeve to catch on fire when I was reaching up and I wouldn't even notice!

Now I just have to get the KD to come on board with making a cabinet with pocket doors.

Good idea about the coffee maker - mine is a Tassimo one cup and would be next to the microwave - right across from the sink. The Tassimo has a removable water tank. BTW- the kitchen is small so NOTHING is very far from the sink!!

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Hi ~Is it safe to put a counter microwave on a shelf above stove?
I threw out the broken one that was there. It had a fan
and filter.
Mine has no fan or filter. Would the shelf need to be metal.
What do you think?

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