A lesson to be learned and a new lamp!

javaandjazzAugust 7, 2011

So last week we take a ride up to Roide Island early before WaterFire starts and hit a few antique shops. The first shop we go into, a consignment store, I see a lamp and decide to pick it up to look at the bottom being careful to hold onto the milk glass shade. Well, guess what happens next? You are so right! The shade falls off and smashes into a million pieces. Figures! It was marked down to $14.00 so when the lady came over I said I would buy it since I broke the shade. First off come to find out it wasn't the right shade cause the screws were not holding it on at all. So, I get home and start to polish up the lamp and it looks kinda cool. I brought it up to my lamp guy to have a new switch and wiring done. Most times I can rewire myself but not when a switch is involved. So....after a new shade that had to be ground down so the rim would fit into this lamp and $150.00 later I have a pretty cool machine age art deco lamp! The shade that was on the lamp was not a flame globe but we decided to put the flame globe on because it looks neat. Lesson...don't turn any lamps over without first taking th globe off! LOL!

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That is a killer SCORE! I love the base. It Looks like something out of Metropolis. I cant believe you got it for 14 bucks.

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Actually for $164, I guess, but even at that price I would feel like it was a "killer SCORE!" Wow, gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder to be careful too :-)


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