Conair Totally Pain Free Hair Removal

Jenny_ILOctober 28, 2003

Has anyone tried this yet? I'm always on the look out for a better shave/hair removal. I will try and include a link for it so anyone who hasn't heard of it can take a look!

Here is a link that might be useful: New Totally Pain Free Hair Removal

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Well, to quote their ad:

Pads Twist & Remove Hair "Painlessly" While Leaving Skin Smooth & Silky

Notice the word Painlessly is in quotes. To me that means it ain't painless! The pads turn clockwise and counterclockwise, so that means it's ripping your hair out by the roots, just like the other torturous devices out there.

I'll stick with my Mach III !

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Hmmmmmm I wonder how it grabs the hair though? Those pads look pretty flat to me.

I get what you are saying though about the "painlessly" in quotes just like Nads was a pain free hair removal HA! Anything that involves ripping your hair out by the root on a large area quickly hurts! No real way around that.

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Description of pads:

"Counter-Rotating Fine Grain Exfoliating Discs"


"This is just an orbital sander for your legs"


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Ah, doesn't seem worth the 70.00$ for that kind of pain! See why don't they just come out and give the truth! I guess it wouldn't sell many things.
" This will scrap not only your leg hair off but that pesky first protective layer of skin "

" Sure it won't hurt! If you don't have any feeling in your legs this is perfect for you "

Well maybe the next new shaving thing will be the one, I guess it seemed like it could maybe be a good idea but probably not too easy on my sensetive skin. Thanks for "talking" me out of this one Weed, especially since I didn't waste the money on it. I guess I'll stick with the old exfoliate and shave that seems to work best just gets a little time consuming to do everyday and if I don't exfoliate before I shave I get a bad shave. Oh well what can you do!

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Well, it does have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you decide to test it out, get it locally. When you buy online they typically won't pay for return shipping.

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Just got one and tried it. I used it, no pain it sanded off hthe hair and exfoliated the skin. Left my legs smooth and hairless. It didn't hurt so I kept going over but I went over 2 many times and later my legs felt lightly tingley. The next time I didn't overdo it and it was fine. You learn how much pressure and how long to do it. I didn't think the hair stayed away for 2 weeks like it said but it sure beats my eliperater.

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pull the hair out. sand the hair off. pour caustic solutions on your skin to burn the hair away...

I think I'll pass- but then, I had my 15 minutes back when I wore more makeup than Joan Jett- and learned that good men aren't fooled by cosmetic procedures...but bad men tend to look for women who think that looking sexy is the same as being sexy.

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Oosnails, glad to hear it worked well for you! I just got a new electric razor for Christmas and I LOVE it, I have two others and this one is the best and actually makes my legs feel smooth Woo!

Chinacat what's that have to do with anything? I suppose in a way leg shaving can be a cosmetic procedure but to me its more like personal hygiene. I don't shave my legs or wear make up or anything like that to pick up men, I do it because it makes me feel good and clean and pretty, for myself. My boyfriend is attracted to me and loves me with or without make up and without or with hairy legs!

I agree that being sexy isn't all about looking sexy but I'd have to say that looking sexy is part of being sexy but of course it does take more then just the look.

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hygeine? Come on, jenny... trimming everything back to 1/2" or so would be plenty if you were doing it for purposes of controlling odor, or 'cleansliness'...and even so, how does that apply to your legs?

but considering the sheer amount of damage women do to themselves shaving- razor burn alone would make most women swear off of shaving if they haven't been raised to believe that leg hair is dirty and icky...and Gilette saw to that two generations ago...

and you're totally right... there ARE plenty of men out there who love us as God made us- and share the sensible opinion that makeup is fun, and something to 'go out' in... not something that you must apply before gardening, cleaning, or going to the gym (and you know some girls do)

but body hair's different, the sheer volume of cultural taboos about it are amazing...and unless you've actually explored it, my opinion will always sound silly to you.

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Chinacat your opinions don't sound silly to me, I just don't agree with all of them I don't want you to think I was being rude or putting you or your opinions down. I know people have different ideas about different things and if everyone were to feel the same I would think it would get pretty boring!

I know there are plenty of women who feel the need to wear makeup everywhere and won't leave the house without it, now that I find silly. I don't feel I need makeup to make me look good and I don't mind anyone seeing me without it and will go anywhere with nothing but lotion on my face. I have to admit though I do love coming home with a new eye shadow or lip gloss and can't wait to try it out and I do like it when my makeup looks good.

I still feel shaving (to me at least) is still a form of personal hygiene. I'm not going to lie, I have very pale skin and my legs are white as can be and my leg hair grows in very dark and I don't like the way it looks. I don't like the irritating feeling of certain materials on my legs unshaved, most pants, pantyhose and especially the bed sheets! I don't feel clean with long leg hair but I don't shave my legs for anyone but me. Of course there have been times when I didn't shave my legs for periods of time and all it did was seem to cause trouble for me! My skin on my legs broke out in some areas and my legs just seemed oily and I just didn't feel my cleanest. I'm in no way saying that anyone who doesn't shave their legs is dirty or ugly or anything like that, to each their own. I would never judge or put someone down for something like that. My pits are another story! They need to be shaved daily in the shower, trimming the hair to a 1/2 inch just wouldn't do it for me. If I don't shave I get redness and irritation under my arms and my deodorant goes on a lot better and works better for me with no hair. So to me shaving is a personal hygiene thing it helps to keep my skin in better healthier condition which is what I feel personal hygiene is all about. That's why I wash my face and exfoliate my skin and use lotion after I shower everyday because I want to keep my skin in good healthy condition. Its not about looking pretty or smelling good which of course is always nice but not the whole reason at all.

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man- we'd have been an odd couple if we'd roomed together in college...but we'd have never had that old 'did you use my razor' arguement : D!

I can't stand anti-perspirants at all most of the time, shaving offends my skin something awful, the skin on my legs tends to be a bit dry- actually, when I was a teen and doing things like shaving, it was actually so dry it flaked...

I go frog-belly white if I'm out of the sun for a week, but my leg hair is blonde- when I first converted, I used Sun In on my legs- just once, turned me into a strawberry blonde ; ) and after that- from 5 feet away, you might not notice how hairy I am : )

if I DO shave, I have bad reactions (and I can shave my husband with a safety or a straight razor, so it's sure not my technique)

so I tend to leave my skin alone except for the 6 hairs that stray from my eyebrows ; )

my husband's the product hound, he uses the peel-off masks and has three different moisturizers and a whole drawer full of hair stuff for his 30" of curly mop...

speaking of odd couples ; )

the sanding pad will certainly help with the exfoliation, though...

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What do you use if you don't use antiperspirants? I have to say they aren't my favorite thing to use but I haven't found anything else that works I don't sweat much under my arms (at least its not noticeable to me) but if I don't use it I just don't smell as uhh.. fresh. I heard that some people use rubbing alcohol in place of it so I tried it. Well, my only results were rubbing alcohol scented body odor yuck. Good thing I tried it on a day I was home all day!

I can say for sure that if I got razor burn or anything like that every time I shaved I probably wouldn't do it either. I've gotten razor burn a few times and its the worst, especially on hot summer days! I would then even consider your not shaving part of your personal hygiene. Whatever you do or don't do to keep your skin in good healthy condition is personal hygiene to me at least! Obviously any irritation or anything that makes your leg hair flake off can't be healthy for your skin.

I think our significant others sounds like they would get along good!

I may still try the Conair hair remover but I do really like the new electric razor I got, its better then any I've ever tried. So now I just exfoliate in the shower and shave afterwards saves me a lot of time in the shower!

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Hi am still using the conair and like it alot. I just like smooth legs. I don't like to let it grow it hurts. To me there is nothing better than fresh clean sheets and just shaved legs. I might be nuts. My legs are very dry also. They look like the desert all dry and cracked. The sander is just sanding it all off. I know how much pressure to use now and how long. My legs are looking so good. They are nice an smooth and no cracks. I always used the buffer's in the shower too but it never took it off like this does. It is painless easy to do. I don't think removing the hair is torture. I use deodorant also. I would stink something terrible if I didn't. I have a sister and brother that don't wear it. Everyone knows believe me it's noticable. I don't want people to remember me by my body odor thank you.

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: ) honestly? Nelson-Bach organic essential oils in cedar, clary sage, and lavander- all three are anti-microbial, so they tend to FUNCTION like a 'deodorant', killing the funk-making bacteria, and all three are scents that blend well with the smell of 'me'...

nothing will mask when I've got a cold and have been noshing on raw garlic and wasabi...but THAT has been increasingly rare : )

I do use witch hazel as a general astringent, and have been known to use it as a freshener- the idea of puttin straight rubbing alchohol on my skin at this point would give me the willies, though!

and who makes your electric razor? DH's got a little wahl trimmer, but he's a lost cause where shaving is concerned- and sometimes, I don't have the patience to groom him, so something that he could clean his OWN cheeks up with would be a real time-saver for ME ...

ah, the mixed blessings of living with a long-haired fop : ) STUNNING looking man- but the maintenance reminds me of myself at oh, 14...

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I get my legs waxed but I still have my Epilady (they don't exist anymore) for touchups in the summer, between waxings, which removes the hair and root, so it's equivalent to waxing; does this conair appliance pull the root out ?

I think it's a cultural thing, women being hairless, I'm always surprised at the hairy pits I see on some women in France, although the younger european women I saw last year had shaved pits ; I am noticing a trend in men getting rid of too much hair on the chest; I do think a slick chest on a man looks better than very hairy but I sure don't think my DH would subject himself to waxing.......

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