Identifying Antique Pressed Glass Candy Dish

CapitalBabsAugust 13, 2012

looking for a little help identifying this piece - at least manufacturer and approx. date. The info I have places it somewhere pre- turn of the century but it's very vague information from a dead relative.

Color wise, there is a very faint pink/gold tone to the glass - not like depression era glass color just a tint.

The entire dish is just over 8 inches tall with the lid itself being just over 2 inches tall.

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here's a close up of the dish lid knob

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a little less close.

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That's a hard one......I think it's a later edition of a slightly irridescent flashed glass that has had most of the irridencence washed off. I can't find a picture ( but haven't looked very hard!)....dates from 1950's...or perhaps 40's.
The color appears "on" the galss rather than "in" that so? In person?

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Color is always hard on the monitor but no, it's not irridescent and it's most definitely IN the glass not on it. It really does appear consistent even where there are small chips, the color seems to be present. Again, it is SOOOO faint that I don't know that it's an application.

And it definitely dates before the depression and there is anecdotal reports that it goes well before that - supposedly 5 generations. I'm not looking to set a value, just for general knowledge value.

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Can you get as sharp a picture of the bottom of the foot as you did of the finial?
I am very puzzled....I swear I never saw any glass that color....and the style and pattern (or lack of) makes it harder.
On the 5 generations thing....I have "my great great grandmother Konklin's sugar bowl"...Grandma's daughter was born in he mother was likely born about 1849....and it's said to be her sugar bowl.....but the pattern is a pattern from

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