Need a good eyeliner????

cometfernOctober 28, 2002


I'm looking for a good eyeliner that doesn't flake. I normally use pencils I find liquid liners to hard to control. Also do you put it on top and bottom or just top or just bottom?

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Hi comet

whether you put it top or bottom, or both depends on the kinda look you are after.

i normally put it just on the bottom when i'm going to work, but for a more full on 'made-up' look when i'm going out, i use it on the top and bottom. Also, if you want it to look heavier, be sure to smudge it into the corner of your eye so the top and bottom meets up.

i have both liquid and pencils, again, it depends on the kind of look.

Pencils - easier to use and can give you a thinner line if you keep them sharp. good ones that i use are calvin klein which have a really handy soft tip for smudging on the other end of the pencil, and lancome which are a little bit softer and don't pull the skin so much.

Liquid - gives a much more professional look, and has greater staying power. i think if you are gonna apply it to the top of your lids, then liquid is the way to go.

if you don't feel very confident, then just practice with a cheap version, rimmel london do a great one which is very inexpensive, but if you don't have that brand then i'm sure you know of another which you can use.

if you're a bit shaky, rest your elbows on a table or dresser and if you aren't confident about doing a straight line, then make a series of dots which you can then join together - you will soon get the hang of it. when i first learned how to do this, i thought i'd never get the hang of it, but i love that look so i kept trying, and one day, hey, i did it!!

remember that black is very harsh esp with liquids and i think brown is much more flattering...

hth, Ed x

PS you can get liquid liner in a pen type applicator which you might find easier - i think Stila do one.

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I like Avon Glimmerstick eyeliners, they're self sharpening, better than Maybelline Great Wear Eyeliners. Prestige has good eyeliners and cheap too. Naturistic Chrome Liquid Eyeliners don't look harsh except I don't like the smell. I hold my lid down when I applied on the top. Sometimes I do it on top only.

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I wore liquid for years but it's too time consuming for me now. I use Avon perfectwear self-sharpening pencil liner. It's creamy and easy to apply but stays all day. (The Glimmersticks faded on me.)

When I was younger I did top and bottom, now bottom makes me look older and too made up. So I just do top. It really depends on how you look. Sometimes I'll do black top (always black), and just a faint smudge of brown or blue on bottom. Blue makes the whites if your eyes look whiter.

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I have used Lancome's pencils for eons. I bought my first one 15 years ago and just recently had to get a new one! They go on easy and for me, stay on. Tried all the less expensive ones and Lauders - not the same. Lancome's is worth every penny. Julie

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A great inexpensive one is the self sharpening one from Cover girl. And it has a smudge thing on one end that comes in quite handy. It seems to last forever and is around $3.

Personally, I use powder eyeshadows to line my eyes. I know it sounds odd but I took a makeup class years ago where I learned this, and it actually isnt too uncommon among those in the professional makup industry. It smudges and blends much better than liquid or pencil. The way we learned in my class was to use what kind of looked like a lip brush and dampen it slightly, but Ive adapted my method to using a little brush thing I got in a Maybelline browmakers thing (and I use it dry). Its easier to use and even fits perfectly in the cover girl eyeshadow case(I generally use the CG Midnight Jazz eye shadow color for lining).

I line both top & bottom, though I go a bit lighter on the bottom. HTH!!


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Smashbox creme eyeliner with brush and Urban Decay liquid liner which comes in funky metallic colors and LASTS

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I like bed head, sold in my beauty salon.
Mine is lilac and is one of the easiest to put on. It is in pencil form but soft. I never would have chosen that color but when she put it on, I loved it.
Also their mascara is is scented with rosewater and when the scent is gone it is time to get new mascara.

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I'm not especially loyal to any brand of eyeliner, but I always use an oilive green pencil.

I like the look of eyes lined top and bottom, but if your eyes are deep-set like mine, that only makes them look smaller. So I line the outer 3/4 of the bottom and the outer 1/2 of the top, taking care to blend.

I agree with EdithUK that black pencils are almost always too harsh, especially on a woman who is not very young. I use a brown mascara. Usually the basic Cover Girl pink and green container. Tried many, many others, but none better.

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I also use TIGI eyepencil.. It is very soft and goes on smoothly.

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I've had a clinique double-ended since college- liner pencil on one end, a sponge-tip on the other end with powder in the cap...and if I were going to go out and BUY another one, that would be the one I got.

lancombe makes a liner pen that's better than anything else on the market- it draws a consistent, thin line no matter how you abuse it (I've written notes on matchbook covers with it)

but the reason that both of those have lasted me so long is because what I normally do is use a liner brush and a drop of water to 'make' liner that coordinates with my shadow...I grew up with a mom who ONLY used 'cake' liner, and never saw any reason to do different (the fancy liner pens are hand-me-downs from a roommate who used to use stuff twice, and then decide she didn't like it)

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Devon, I use powder eyeshadow too. I have a dark charcoal and I use the edge of the shadow brush. I need the softer look.

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