How hard is it to take in a dress?

gratefulbreeOctober 23, 2008

Hello! I found my "dream dress" to wear on a special occasion that's about 7 months away. I want to go ahead and purchase it because I'm afraid to wait and then it's out of stock or something. The thing is I have been losing weight at a fairly steady pace. I expect to have lost another 20 lbs by then. I'm too afraid to buy the dress too small in case I don't lose the weight, but how hard is it to take in in case I need to? The dress is silk with boning in the bodice. Maybe I go just one size too small? HELP!!

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Yikes, that might be a labor intensive alterations job. Show a photo of it to a dressmaker, not the alterations person at the dry cleaner. If you can show a photo of the inside of the dress, even better. Is it at a store that will do the alterations for you? If so, they will know.

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If it has boning in it it is going to be a huge expense to alter to such an extreme, and will look like carp. I know that this is your 'dream dress' but wait until you are near the date of the special occasion and then go shopping. You may have lost even more than 20 pounds by then. Or maybe none.

Your event is in seven months and you will want something in trendy spring colors in May, not the fall colors they are showing now, or the heavier weight fabrics in fall dresses.

If you do lose weight you may not like this particular dress style on your new physique - even altered to your new size.

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I agree with dilly... dream dresses are generally going to change with weight especially a loss of 20 lbs.

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