Sloppy knobs on CC

PeterH2February 14, 2013

One of the factors that has us looking at induction again is the precise, repeatable control you get compared to "eyeballing" a gas flame. I twiddle the knobs on a CC rangetop yesterday, and noticed something I had missed previously - there is a ton of "backlash"/free play in the knobs. By that, I mean that you can turn the knobs to-and-fro about 30 degrees without changing the setting of the burner at all. Obviously that makes using the little scales on the knobs as a guide to settings nearly impossible. It also means that making fine adjustments is likely to be fiddly.

Questions for those of you who have the CC:

- Do you see the same thing?

- How much does it bother you?

If any BS owners have wandered in here, I'm curious how the BS compares in this respect.

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It was like that before the Capital tech adjusted the burners but now there is a much more direct relationship between turning the knob and the flame growing or diminishing.

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I have fantastic control on my BS but after 5 years I just look at the flame and never look at the indicators on the knob anymore. But, suffice it to say, it's a very, very responsive flame.

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