Uneven pierced earring holes

sipsyOctober 30, 2007

I had my ears pierced about a year ago and at the time thought that they were even- well now I have noticed that one is a tiny bit lower than the other one. What are my options to correct this other than quitting wearing earrings and letting it grow up?

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I suppose it depends on how much it bugs you. Everyone has natural asymmetry in one place or another. Can anyone else see the difference without really close, lengthy examination? After a year the holes might not close up, I'm not sure. You could just pierce another hole in the proper place in the one ear and ignore the other hole. It might grow closed in time.

My holes are in the same place but at different trajectories through the earlobes so if I wear hoops they tilt at different angles. I see it but I doubt anyone else does. I've never asked, though.

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You could let it close up,and then have it re-pierced.
Of course,I had a similar problem except one of mine was farther away then the other one. So,I have TWO holes in one ear now so it wouldnt look so uneven.

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I got my first ear piercing 36 years ago. On hole has always been a good 1/8 of an inch higher than the other. It is very obvious to me, especially when I wear earring in my second hole which are even. No one else (other than the lady who did the second piercing) ever appears to have noticed. Chances are no one will notice your hole are not quite even unless you point it out to them!

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Thanks for the responses. You all have made me feel much better.

I just can't believe that I have just now noticed that the holes are uneven. You are right- I seriously doubt anyone else notices or has noticed since it took me a year to figure it out.

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I am a jeweler. Customers point things like that out to me all the time. Most of the time they are being overly concerned about differences of a millimeter or 2. (Though I have seen a few that were way off, usually when it was a "sleep-over job" done with a needle...arghh)

When it comes down to it, human faces are seldom completely symmetrical in their natural state. It's common to have one eye a little larger, one brow shaped differently, etc. Is is actually quite common to have the ears and earlobes set at different angles to the face! This is something people don't notice until they try on hoop earrings and see that they are "pointing" in 2 different directions. Then they ask me what's wrong with the earrings!

Odds are no observer notices those things either. The human brain is wired to interpret symmetry even where it is not. It's just another one of those things that others will not notice about you.

As a jeweler, though, I would suggest that you avoid wearing heavy earrings. Much worse than slightly uneven holes are stretched out ones! I have seen many more of those, and that is much more difficult to compensate for. I am always warning my sixteen year old about this. The trend of large hoop earrings has already stretched out many of her friends' earlobes. Heavier earrings can be worn if they are posts and worn with a large disc back to distribute the weight. Earrings that have earwires should be lightweight.

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got my daughter pierced 4 day ago andd not happy with position of one of them. the stud it is facing up while the other is facing forward. It bothers me very much, and I was wondering if I should take the stud out, let it heal (close) and get the piercing redone. How long would I have to wait to get it redone? And advise on how I should proceed?

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