Anyone allergic to Bare Escentuals make up?

summer_txOctober 29, 2006

Anyone having allergy reactions or excessive dry skin from the Bare Minerals?

I had my neighbor come by a couple of weeks ago with her Bare Escentuals makeup and give me a make over with it. I decided I liked it well enough to order some.

I think it was last Sat. or Sun. that I used an Oil of Olay mask. I haven't used a mask in like forever. You were only suppose to keep it on for 5 minutes. Well, right after I get it smeared on, my DH hands me the phone and it's my friend Janice, who was inquiring after my back trouble. We wound up talking for about 30 minutes. I go rinse off the mask and go about my business.

I wasn't using the B E everyday, especially if I wasn't leaving the house. I might just use my liquid makeup or none at all. Tuesday, I have an MRI scheduled, I decide to make up my face with the B E. All went well and I continued my day. I washed my face that night before retiring.

Well.....I wake up Wed. morning with my face feeling like it's got a sunburn. It's real sensitive and tight if I wrinkle my forehead or move my chin, cheeks or nose. I can see a faint red discoloration in the creases of my mouth and from my nose to the corners of my mouth. Not bad but looks a little raw.

OK, it's Sunday now folks and I'm still having those same feelings. I picked up a Neutrogena cleansing bar for sensitive skin. I'm wearing only a fragrance free moisturizer trying to heal it. No makeup. Not much luck so far.

My DH thinks it's because I wore the mask too long and dried my skin out, then used the B E mineral powders, which are also drying, and my skin is just sapped of any moisture and raw because of it.

I'm just sick about the whole thing. If I can get my skin to heal, I'm questioning if I should use the B E again. I found a forum where women were discussing their allergies and conditions the B E has caused them. Some had been to Dermatolgists who had been treating other women for conditions who had been using B E. One doctor told his patient that the Mineral Veil especially, has cornstarch in it and it's a drying agent.

My skin has always been on the dry side, and the older I get the more dry it is. I was using a light moisturizer under it, but maybe I needed something heavier since it has a tendency to be drying. I remember that I felt a prickly sensation when I first apply it and when my neighbor applied it. Allergies? I don't know. Continuous brushing of the skin? I don't know.

Anyway, just wondered if any of you have experienced adverse side effects from the B E line of makeup. I really want to be able to use it because I love how it conceals.

Would you try it again if you were me?

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Hi Summer, some people are allergic, some talk about it feeling like a sunburn.

I do have to agree with your DH, you also probably dried the heck out of your skin....moisturize, big time.

Run a search on this forum, there are many 'Bare Mineral' threads....just type in 'Bare Minerals'.

I changed to Aromaleigh (no Bismuth).

Here is one link to start....

Here is a link that might be useful: Does Bare minerals make your face itch????

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Thank you Joy. Good to see you BTW. :) I'll check the threads and also read about your Aromaleigh.

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I just purchased the Bare Minerals and have used it with the id prep cream. I do use Clarins Moisture Quenching Hydra-Care Cream on the dry areas on my face heavily, and lightly on the rest of my face under the prep. I haven't had any problems yet...

That said, about 5 years ago, I picked up what I thought was the Neutrogena daily moisturizer that I had always used. I used it one day and the next morning woke up with a "sunburn". It was early fall so I figured I had spent a little more time in the sun than I realized the day before.

I didn't use the product again until Christmas Eve that year. Well, I used it more heavily because it was winter and my skin was drier. On Christmas morning I awoke to a completely dark red sunburned looking face and had to wait several days for it to go away. I had all of the same symptoms you have posted. It was painful and I didn't even want to put anything on but aloe because I was afraid to trap the heat. i didn't even wear makeup on Christmas day to tone it down since it hurt so badly. Long story made a little shorter, I checked my bottle of Neutrogena thinking perhaps I bought one that had expired. No, they changed the product to include alpha hydroxy. Apparently, I am one of those people who absolutely cannot use anything with alpha hydroxy in it. I can't even use a zit stick. I have really fair and sensative skin.

I like the BM since it is light and contains natural ingredients, and very natural looking. I even splurged and bought my daughter the beginner set.

I am thinking that perhaps the mask you used (especially since it was on much longer than recommended) burned your face.

I will contiunue to search the reaction to the Bare Minerals since I my interest has been peaked. I hope I didn't waste good money.

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Summer - The problem could very likely be the bismuth oxychloride as Joy mentioned. Many people who have problems with BE have identical symptoms to yours. I'm dying to try BE but have hesitated because I have sensitive skin and wouldn't be surprised if I too were allergic.

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I have used Bare Escentuals, Youngblood, and Jane Iredale. All are mineral makeup products, and all contain bismuth oxychloride.

My faces really itches a lot if I wear Bare Escentuals foundation powder.

My faces itches a little bit if I wear Younglood foundation powder.

My face doesn't itch at all when I wear Jane Iredale foundation powder.

Needless to say, I only wear Jane Iredale now. Yes, it costs a bit more than the others, but in my opinion it's a far superior product, so it's worth it. And, the Iredale loose powder has an SPF of 20 (the pressed foundation has an SPF of 17 or 18 - I can't remember which). Beats the others all to heck.

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I also itch from using BE foundation. It's the bismuth that makes me itch. I've had to change to a different brand for foundation, but everything else I wear is BE.

Jane Iredale is not the only one that has an SPF...they're just one of hte few that have paid (large amounts) to have the testing to done so they can claim the SPF content.

Any mineral foundation containing Zinc & Titanium Dioxide will have an SPF equivalent to at least a 15. Most smaller companies can't afford to pay for the testing though.

I just found a really cool BE fan site. Looks like it's just starting out. I'm also a member at Delphi too. The more the better! :)

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I'm allergic to BE eyeshadows. My eyes swell.

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Hello Im a BA bare escentual worker, there is actually nothing in the foundations that can cause a reaction, reactions can accrue for a few reasons when using our products, our rever upper and wisdom have glycolic and salasilic...sorry so spelled so wrong...most of our brush's are natural hair, animal hair, prime time has silica and silicon compounds... and thats about it.. plus some people who dont wash brushes every 2 weeks build up face oils on the brushes and that can break them out.

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100% allergic to bare minerals eye shadows and or mascara. Eyelids swell up completely. Have been using the exact same formula on face for awhile now with no problems. Have a history or sensitive eyes where if i come across something im allergic to my eyelids get itchy sore bumps then swell up with fluid completely. Where i have to use elidel cream which is a non steriod cream for this and if that doesnt work within a day or two then i use a low steriod cream. i can use the lose mineral foundation with no problems and i do use it. I think natural or whatever if u r prone to contact dermatitis u never know what ingredient will cause it. Try one item at a time for a full week unless like me u react with a few hours of applying and if nothing happens then u know u can handle that one. And dont let the sales ladies try to tell u otherwise. And if what u r using on yoyr face works. Dont change it

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I have been using BM for several months. All of a sudden my jaw started swelling and my tongue, and I couldn't breathe and was rushed to the ER. They took care of me but all I had done different was apply facecream and then my BM. Two months later I did the same thing and started swelling up. I had medicine to stop it but after I washed my face it was completely red. After reading everyone's comments, I wonder if there is a allergy reaction between using to two products. I do not trust using BM any more and I am going to change, but it only happened after I used my bare minerals. I had used the face cream before with no problems. I thought they said it was safe enough to sleep in. Houston, we have a problem, BM needs to find out what is happening. Too many complaints.

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@ teaandcream:

In response to your post (7/13/08), you are completely misinformed and are misleading consumers with your claims. There is no such thing as a product that "no one could be allergic to". Especially cosmetics, and especially Bare Escentuals. Bismuth Oxychloride, being a main ingredient in BE cosmetics, is an irritant and known allergen. Just because a product says it's "all natural" doesn't mean non-allergenic. Poison Ivy is "all natural", and I guarantee you'd get a rash from it.
You are misrepresenting your company if you propose "there is nothing in the foundations that could cause a reaction." I'm sure Bare Escentuals' attorneys would not support that claim. It may work fine for 95% of people, but there is still 5% it doesn't work for (myself included in that 5%).
I have been in the hair and cosmetics industry for 20 years, and I agree that some people jump to conclusions about what is causing their breakouts, dry skin, irritation, or whatever their problem is. Misuse of products being the number one reason. But blaming someone not washing their makeup brushes every two weeks for their skin irritation after using BE is a bit silly. That wouldn't explain problems with first time use.
Please refrain from posts like that unless you can scientifically back up your claims.

Here is a link that might be useful: WebMD: The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup

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