push-up bra

joulesR4meOctober 18, 2004

Does anyone have any advice for a really good push-up bra? I'm wanting to *enhance* my figure for a really bad Halloween costume. Bad in that it is Fabric-Challenged. So, I'm looking for a push-up that might put me over the top for this one-time use! If you get my drift ....

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:) really, really good? do what us old-timers did. get a good underwire bra a cup size too big, and invest in pads- they make them out of some weird gel now. insert them a little to the 'outside' which will force you into the 'super cleavage' position.

the big trick (unless showing bra is part of the intent) will be to keep the foundation garment from showing. depending on your costume, you might need a demi-cup...at which point you might also need a pair of 'petals' or some adhesive to keep, *cough* your cups from running over...

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Thanks for the suggestions .... and that's sort of what I'm doing ...

I got this SUPER push-em-up-er bra at Fredricks.

It's amazing - and they sold me some extra pads (no gel types) to give even more *umph*. I think I'm more than a cup bigger, but mind you, this is NOT comfort!!! I'm hoping to be able to cover it with my costume. Next project ...

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I hope you can post a picture, if its not X rated that is, LOL. Sounds like you'll be having a lot of fun! (Fabric challenged, I love that!)

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Woodie! We don't want her sent to teacups, just bracups!!!

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I know this post is a tad old,but next time you need cleavage,just do a search on what is called a "shelf" bra.

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