Marble bathroom counter?

jewelisfabulousJanuary 3, 2014

I'm wondering if anyone here has a marble bathroom counter and, if so, do you like it? Would you buy it again? Is it easy to keep clean?

I know marble is a porous stone (in comparison to granite) and would need to be sealed. The "worst" that could happen to it is drops of foundation (make-up) or hair color.

Any advice appreciated!

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I have four marble bathroom counters. Two are nero marquina (black marble) and the other two are carrera. The two carrera counters (one is rarely used while one is heavily used) have held up very well. My kids was their messy hands in one of the carrera counter bathrooms several times a day and it's standing up to all kinds of soap and spills with no maintenance issues whatsoever. The nero marquina counters have been fine, too. One, however, did get an etch from shaving cream. I didn't realize what I was doing and used the scrubbing side of a sponge and left scratch marks. My marble polishing company tech honed them out with no trouble and it looks brand new again. I don't wear foundation or use hair coloring products so I cannot attest to those on marble, but our counters have had toothpaste, kids paint, glue, moisturizer, etc. and all have left no marks. Hope that helps.

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We have a honed carrera marble top on our double vanity in our master bath. We also used it as a threshold in our walk in shower as well as for several corner shelves in the shower. We sealed it at the time of installation and have done it once since. We are very happy with it and have not had any staining whatsoever. We have had some mild etching in a few spots around the sinks but it doesn't bother me at all with the honed finish. We are fairly neat but certainly don't baby the countertops. I'd use it again!

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Good information -- thanks! What do you both use to clean your marble counters?

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Yes - we have white marble (calacatta) in our master bathroom. Would I do it again - YES. Is it easy to keep clean - YES & NO. Marble is a VERY high maintenance stone. Soooo many things can stain or etch it....even water spots can leave a permanent mark.

If you want something that always looks like the day you bought it...don't buy marble. If you can live with a surface that eventually will patina with a worn look (etches, scratches, marks, etc.) it may be for you.

I have been kinda paranoid & religious about maintaining and cleaning the counter (had it for 3 months now). I won't apply makeup or hair products in the bathroom (use bedroom vanity) and I lay a towel down on the counter when brushing my teeth or washing my face and then wipe it up immediately every night with a marble cleaner. Again, we love the marble so it is a sacrifice we are willing to make and we understand it won't be perfect forever. So far no marks, but it is kinda like a new car. I know the first few marks will happen and it will be traumatic but you eventually get over it.

As for our upcoming guest/hall bathroom remodel.....we we will have marble on the shower walls but a quartz countertop. I just don't want to have to worry about it in another bathroom so we are planning on no marble on any horizontal surfaces (floor or counters).

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I use a Dupont spray that cleans and protects. Cant remember the name, sorry.

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Sorry off topic- threeapples did you ever post a finished home reveal thread, I would very much like to see it :)

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No, I did not yet because we still have a bit left to finish. I am hoping all will be done in about three months. I am eager to lost a reveal, but it makes better sense to wait. Thanks for the interest. :)

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Threeapples, when you post a whole house reveal I would love it if you referenced it here on this forum with your bathroom reveals that I hope you do :)

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Ok, will do

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Thanks, all, for comments. I've decided to reserve the marble idea for a powder room rather than our master. I just don't want to have to be so careful when putting on make-up, spraying mousse, squeezing toothpaste, coloring my hair, etc.

I appreciate your help! This has been really educational.

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Sounds like a smart idea. I really don't wear makeup, don't use hair products or color, so the only danger for us is toothpaste and my husband's shaving cream. So far so good, but perhaps if we used many more products it'd be a nightmare for the counter.

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