Permanent eyeliner

brantOctober 26, 2005

Does any one have permanent eyeliner? Do you like it? Would you do it again? How often does it need to be touched up? Thanks Debbie

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it's a tattoo along the eyes, so would it need touching up?

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Yes, it's a "tattoo" of sorts, but it's done with cosmetic pigments, not the heavy black or blue tattoo inks.
Even those fade over time, & permanent make-up does too.

My brows, which were done about 5 years ago, need touching up now.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat:
I always had thin, shapeless brows until I had this done.
It's wonderful to wake up in the morning with part of my "face" already there!

There's a permanent make-up technician in my building who had the works:
brows, liner, lips.

She looks gorgeous!

It's been about 6 years since she had it done, & she's just about ready for a touch-up, too.

The tech who did mine had had liner 7 years before, & most of it had faded. She had had black liner with a purple outline, & all that was left was a lavender outline.

The longevity of permanent cosmetics depends on a number of factors: how well the pigment fixes, how your body reacts to it, how much sun you soak up, even how much alcohol you drink.

When you have it done, it may take more than one visit to get the color to fix.

Talk to the tech, ask questions, look at her scrapbook, find out what your payment covers (one visit? two visits? up to three visits?), ask how long she's been doing this, *find out if she's licensed*.

In Texas, they're supposed to be licensed, but evidently there is no consequence for doing it without a license. or something.

A good tech has not only the education & equipment, but also some sense of artistry: she's like a make-up artist.

I'm going to have liner done as soon as I can.

Be sure to pay attention to the post-procedure instructions.
Sun, for instance, fades new pigments badly, or makes the body absorb them, or something.
Avoid the sun, keep the area moisturized with vitamin e oil, don't use harsh cleansers, don't "scrub" your face, etc.
It'll make all the difference.

Best luck, & enjoy!

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I just had my eyebrows, and eye liner done a week ago. I just love it, and it isn't even Healed yet!! My tech told me that I would probably need a retouch every 2 years to keep the color the same shade as it is now. She charges $15 for a retouch. So yes, I guess it does fade.

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I did it!!! I went in today and had upper and lower eyeliner. It's going to be so nice just to put on a little shadow and blush and go. The liner made my lashes look fuller and darker so if I don't feel like wearing mascara I still look good. I can't wait until they heal.

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I have had my "permanent" eyeliner done four times over 20 years. It fades quite a bit after 3 years and by 5 years it really needs to be redone but I've let it go as long as 7 years. The first three times, I had it done by techs using the machine. The last time, I had a tech who used the "tap" method. The tap method is applied by hand. It was much less painful, quicker and the results were superior. There was hardly any bleeding whereas there was a lot of bleeding with the machine. I'll never go to someone who uses a machine again. Oh, the "tap" method was also more expensive but it was worth the money.

I had my eyebrows done twice. The brown tones fade very quickly and they need to be redone every two or three years. I had my lips done once and, at first, they were good but tatooing the skin around the lips doesn't really look like lipstick or lip skin. The pinkish color faded to an orangey tone that I don't like. However, as the tattoo fades, it becomes hardly noticeable. I wouldn't do the lips again.

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My eyeliner was applied by the tap method. I has no bleeding, the rest of the day my eyes felt like I had been crying and the next day my eye lids were swollen and today a little itchy but other than that no problems. I am keeping a save on my eyes and no make up for a week, but with a little blush and lipstick I'm good to go. I was dressed 30 minutes earlier for work today. I love it.

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I had my lower lids done about four years ago and I personally think that they look just as good as the first time I got them. I really like them and would redo it in a heartbeat. I too feel I save a lot of time on make-up application.

It works well for me since I am always working out and going to the gym. I don't have to worry about smearing and/or smudging of make-up. Yay!

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There's a pending law in my county (Suffolk County NY) trying to ban tattoos and piercings anywhere near the face, including eyeliner and lipliner tatoos. I am not aware of the exact health risks, but now I am wary. I always thought it would be cool to get eyeliner tattoed on. I hate drawing makeup lines near my eyes. Just can't hold the pencil steady.

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I think I would like to do this but since I have skin allergies, I am afraid that I would react to the "ink" and there's no way to remove it. Can anyone comment on this, please?

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I actually have pretty sensitive skin myself. My facial skin gets irritated easily from most make-ups and cleansers and I also tend to keloid easily at some of my piercing sites, but I surprising didn't have any problems with my facial eyeliner tattoos.

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This is my second time.Make sure you go to someone you can trust.When I went back for a touch up I could not find the lady.ThankGod I could touch-up with a pencile.All saying I will do it again in ten years if I'm still liveing.For people with bad eyesight it's a must.

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I think the whole concept of permanent eyeliner is fantastic and really not new by any means. Wasn't Cleopatra using some type of permanent makeup? I am not sure how they did that in those days, but I guess that fact that someone is coming near my eyes with needles scares me a little.

Having my lips or brows done would be a bit of a different story for me though. The only problem to me with that is, some days I like the way I put on my makeup and other days, my eyeliner does not look as good to me. What if, you don't like the way the permanent eyeliner is put on. Then you have to live with it for a long time.

I guess if I was younger, I would think about it more. I am glad all of you that have had it done love it. Good for you!!

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I asked Janie, the permanent make-up tech, about this, & she said that you can get a patch test.

If you have chemical sensitivities, or if you've had surgery or chemo recently, get a patch test for sure.

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I would never get permanent tatoo makeup - styles, colors and application of make up changes constantly - who wants to be permanently dated to the decade when you got tatooed? The only person I would let that close to my eyes with a needle is a board certified opthamologist or perhaps a plastic surgeon. I'm glad that those who have had it are thrilled with their results and didn't suffer any serious harmful effects - but I'll stick with make up I can wash off at night and reapply in the morning.

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I tend to agree with Skypathway. To each his own however.

I have a friend with permanent eyeliner which she thinks makes her look fantastic. In reality it dates her back to the 80's and makes her look at least 10 years older than her age. She is 4 years older than me and is frequently taken for my mother. I am blessed with good genes but not that good.

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SYLVIATEXAS...Do you have any pictures of the permanent eye-liner on yourself?


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I have permanent eye liner and LOVE it. I've only had it for about two months so no comments yet on the longevity. I am a redhead so without any eye makeup, I look washed out. I asked for a very small line on the bottom because I didn't want it to appear heavy. If I were going to an event, I would add mascara but as it is I don't wear anything and it looks great.

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Amyta, have them do a patch test on your skin somewhere that will be inconspicous to people who see you often, but it will tell whether or not it is right for you.

Good luck, and tell us how it goes!

As for the pain level, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the pain? And do they give your muscle relaxers or something to knock the pain out?

I have many body tattoos, love them and addicted and they didn't hurt, just were annoying, but I would like to have this done so I can eliminate one step.

Thanks all!

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