cometfernOctober 23, 2003

Several months ago I noticed that my current deodorant Degree didn't seem to be keeping the smell away. I switch to Mitchum from a recommendation on this forum, but that made the odor problem worse. Next I tried both Lady Speed Stick and Secret. Both of which seemed to do the trick for a month or so, but now not so much. I expect to smell sweaty after I've worked out, but not after a day spent in an air conditioned office. So what brand do you recommend?

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Have you tried Arrid Xtra Dry? DH and I used Sure for years but they recently changed their product and we can't stand it any more - it's sticky and doesn't work well at all. I bought Arrid about a month ago and we both are very pleased with it.

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Comet, I've had the same problems in the past. I will buy something new, it will work fine for a month or so and then yuck!!! LOL I switched to Ban Classic (regular scent -- DH swears by it!) and I have been using it for over a year and still love it. Hope this helps!

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I've used Ban for more years than I can remember. Works great.

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I have to switch around also. I think hormones may have something to do with smell too...just my theory.

I have found the old fashioned roll on works the best for me. My favorites are Mitchem and Secret. Perhaps changing deoderant soap might make a difference too.

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Have to mention that my husband doesn't use deoderant! It is the weirdest thing -- he *never* has BO. After working in the yard for hours or golfing all day, he doesn't smell fresh but NO body odor. Isn't that odd?

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Baking soda...put on with a powder great!!!!!!!

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I have used white vinegar for many years. Apply with cotton ball. The "pickle" smell is only there for about 60 seconds. My grandmother did the same which is where I probably learned this.


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I had to laugh at your post Marian. My sister was really into natural remedies for awhile and she raved about the vinegar (she didn't have stinky sweat). I just felt like I smelled like sweaty vinegar!

I do love it in my rinse cycle though :-)

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I hear baking soda works well, they recommend it to deodorize the garbage disposal, LOL. I've used the crystal type deodorant for several years with no problem. It has no odor of its own, lasts forever, only problem you have to remember to put it on while you're still moist from the shower so you don't have to turn the shower back on to wet it; my sink is on the other side of the door. Also, sometimes a change in your food causes one to smell differently, maybe unpleasant, like being on the Atkins diet. Eating a lot of beef also causes some people to smell more than when on a vegetarian diet. Just thought I'd add my two cents.

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Arrid Xtra Dry works well for me, too, when Mitchum and others did not. Avon makes an On Duty 24 Plus Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant that is cheap and works VERY well, if you don't mind a roll-on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avon Deodorant

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The brand I used to use was Secret - their strongest stuff, I think it was ultra? *Nothing* else worked for me - not even the crystal deoderant. Too bad, as I like to use non-toxic products as much as possible.

I use all solids. I once tried a roll-on - it was so cold & wet & sticky - blech!

A few years ago, out of the blue, I noticed that I was stinking alot, even though my diet, deoderant, etc. hadn't changed. I was really stressing as Secret was the only thing I knew of that worked for me & I didn't know what I would do if it wouldn't work anymore. Turns out that the pretty smelling shower gel I had suddenly started using wasn't killing the stinky bacteria when I took my shower. I went back to using Irish Spring, and I didn't smell anymore.

That was way back in the day, I now use the deoderant & soap from the Melaleuca company - more natural with fewer toxic chemicals (like Tom's - except that didn't work for me either) and they work like a charm.

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I know for a FACT that eating garlic will cause some people to experience deodorant failure (yours truly, included). If I don't eat it, I don't even need deordorant as far as odor goes -- assuming I DID shower, of course. However, after eating anything highly flavored with garlic, it seems nothing I do will help for long until I've gotten it out of my system. (Dove Body Deodorant Wipes are very handy on those days.) Raw onions are said to do the same thing, but I don't eat them anymore because of needing a Tums or Rolaids chaser. If you are a garlic-lover, as I am from time to time, notice if your body odor changes over the next couple of days. It just might be the culprit.

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I've heard that about garlic, too. I've started using the Dial antibacterial softsoaps----seems like after I went thru the dreaded "change of life" my entire body went out of whack. Dial has several nice fragrances. Sometimes, if I want another fragrance (there's so many great ones) then I first use the Dial, then the other non-antibacterial soaps.

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everything you eat shows up in your sweat sooner or later, ladies- the coffee, the garlic... I married a teetotaler not because drinking upsets me- but because I simply cannot stand the smell of yesterday's beer- even good beer!

and yes, we DO smell different depending on our stress level, or activity level, how well hydrated we are, what time of our cycle it is...

so it might not be the deodorant at all-

is it consistent? are you unusually stressed over something? are you actually putting out more odor? (do your shirts still smell 'off' the next day?) or are you more 'aware' of your scent? is it unpleasant in and of itself (something you ate, a med you're taking?) or does it jsut bother you that it's there?

just a few thoughts.

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So glad you mentioned beer, chinacat!
I used to have a boyfriend who, I swear, sweated stale beer!

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If you can't find anything that works, you might speak to your doctor. There are prescription antiperspirants (not deodorants, as far as I know) that work quite well.

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Years ago, I had a roommate who had the worst body odor. As soon as he stepped out of the shower he smelled again, literally. I started buying antibacterial deodorant soap and found him some antibacterial deodorant and it made all the difference.

My husband though is like Weed's. He has never used deodorant and he doesn't smell even having worked outside all day in the summer. Weird.

I don't have a recommendation for a specific brand of deodorant but maybe one that is antibacterial would help. The only deodorant that I have tried that I absolutely did not like was Tom's. I didn't find it to be effective at all plus it stung something awful. I think it is fairly normal to need to switch brands periodically as your body changes or gets used to the one you are using.

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Deodorant - nothign more than perfume to covver up odor.

Antiperspirant - stop odor by preventing perspiration which then breeds bacteria
Anyway, no matter whether they say if it's for a man or that it's extra strong look at the labels they are usually all the same exact ingredient & percentages ranges from 13-19% with the same brands claiming one is stronger having the same percentages. It's all a gimmick. If a certain percentage works for you find the cheapest brand with the same.


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Michie makes a good point. Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same, so make sure you are comparing similar products when trying to find something you like.

If you have a problem with too much perspiration, you can get a prescription for Drysol from the doctor. I understand that Certain Dry (not prescription) is similar to Drysol. I've never used either.

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I often have to change, too, but recently have really liked the newer Dove antiperspirant/deoderant. Nice scents, and last on me.

For really excessive perspiration (that nothing will touch), they are doing Botox injections now, with good success.

I had to laugh about weed30's post (her DH doesn't need deoderants) father never has, either. He doesn't ever smell anything but wonderful, and is always neat as a pin...go figure...

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I just bought a Deoderant Stone. It's a crystal from Thailand. You wet it and apply it.

Absolutely NO smell. I've used this for about one month now and so far so good. And from the looks of the stone, it looks like it's gonna last forever and ever. No signs of wear at all. Looks brand new!

I heard that the aluminum in deoderants can cause breast cancer. So I thought I'd give the stone a try. It's sold in Health Food stores and vitamin shops for less than $7.

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shaun, that is very interesting. Do you still perspire using that---is it strictly a deoderant? I had heard the same anecdotal thing about aluminum (makes you think...). I will definitely check that out!

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I have not perspired and I believe it is strictly a deoderant. We'll see when the dead of summer heat gets here how I do!

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shaun, thanks for the information. It is certainly worth a try! :)

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I wonder if, like me, you have a very acidic body chemistry. Actually I do not perspire - ever - but of course there is the secondary "sweat" that does not feel wet. Due to my acid levels, I have to change anti-perspirants frequently as they all begin to smell like rancid baby powder. Also I always buy one that is unscented - which is getting increasingly harder to find. Fresh Sugar isn't bad, but is expensive. I just bought a Secret gel "Clean & Clear" or something, but haven't tried it yet. Funny though, even though the Fresh Sugar is expensive - especially in Canada, one bottle will last as long as six Secret Gels - gels go fast. I do not wear perfume of any king - end up smelling like bathroom cleaner. Actually a taxi driver complimented me on my perfume - I had just used a Clorex clean-up wipe! I think you may just have to keep switching. Many people swear by old favourite to some Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass - even men wear it to the gym. It is scented of course - but apparently is company's biggest seller. It costs $12 in Canada, so must be cheaper in US - maybe worth a shot.

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I have the acidic issue and almost every deodorant or anti-perspirant I tried turned an awful smell on me. Some would work for a while and then the smell would start again. I switched to the crystal a few years ago and find one will work for a few months and then not. I just buy a new one then. I started to notice a smell again in early January and couldn't figure it out. Then I realized I had purchased some new clothing including three pairs of pants over the holidays and all of the pants had a fairly high lycra (spandex) content. I stopped wearing the pants and the smell is gone. It seems that lycra in more than 2-3% doesn't agree with me. My mother said the same thing happened to her when polyester was in big time in the 60's.

I hope some of this helps you out. I know how difficult this problem is to deal with.

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I used to use Mitchum, but I was allergic (I guess) because I started getting swollen knots in my armpits. I'd switch to a spray deodorant, and they'd go away. Now I just alternate Secret,Arrid, and Dove. I try to get the non-fragranced. But I have a problem after shaving, everything stings. So I skip a day after I shave. I don't sweat or stink too much if I use a stick five days out of seven.

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For years I "sweat" (my doctor told me "Horses sweat, men perspire, ladies dew" and I said "Well, I guess I'm a horse, because I SWEAT"). I used Mitchum and he wrote a prescription for an alum based concoction I used for years. I'm a nurse, and all my white uniforms would be yellow stained under the arms. Then about the time I turned 30 my whole body chemistry changed. I've used Secret solid since then, rarely sweat and rarely stink. Odd. My husband is also one of those who never has BO - uses only Dial soap, never uses deoderant or antipersperant - allergic to it! And NEVER has BO. Think I hate him! My mother swore by Avon's Liquid Antipersperant - came in a little glass bottle and they still make it. I remember she knocked over the open bottle one time on her dresser and when she wiped it up it took the finish off the wood!!!! Wonder what it was doing to her pits???

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Antiperspirants do NOT cause breast cancer. That is a myth/urban legend.

I had to switch when I hit 40, my regular Secret wasn't cutting it anymore. I know use Mitchem.

There is also a brand called Certain Dri that is extra strength that many on another forum I frequent swear by.

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Actually it's not a myth/urban legend. A couple of doctors have told me this; one a breast surgeon. My MIL's surgeon also told her not to use deoderant for this same reason.....she is a breast cancer survivor.

The concern with antiperspirant is that the aluminum in it is absorbed by the body - even the brain, where it contributes to the growing number of people getting AlzheimerÂs.

I figure, what the heck? Saves me money too.

So far this deoderant stone is working great.

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