Best inexpens. brand shower door

dee__deeJanuary 14, 2012

I need to replace a sliding glass door on a standard size tub. I've had a 'custom' quote with install for 800 and I've seen the standard doors at Home Depot for 300-400.

I'm trying to find something inexpensive, but with finishing handles etc that don't look as cheap as the Home Depot brands. Can anyone suggest a few brands that are inexpensive yet have a more custom/expensive look to the hardware?

Thanks, appreciate any help.


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Have you checked a local custom glass shop? I found that the price of the best quality door at our local custom glass shop was only a little more than what Home Depot/Lowe's was selling. We didn't use the installation from the glass shop, but I our shop did do installation (I think for a couple hundred dollars more).

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Yes, i've checked the local glass shop. That was the $800 quote.
I know my original post was from awhile ago, but i'm just getting down to shopping for this bathroom update. What brands of standard tub sliding glass doors are a good quality/look for the money? nothing fancy, but not builder grade. Trying to do less than the 800 quote(installed)

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Basco! But go to a true bathroom furnishings store where you can pick the type of glass, handles, trims, etc. Lowes and Home Depot carry a cheaper grade of Basco.

I have had one for about 30 years and it is still going strong functionally - just starting to show some etching on the glass and stainless trim. I will be replacing in the near future when I do an total bath renovation - will use Basco again.

I also have another in DH's bathroom that is that is almost 20 years old - it looks as good as new! I really like that one - it is on an acrylic, dome-topped one piece shower and it has a swing out/pivot type door with stationary panels on the side.

I know these looks are not trendy or popular on GW, but I like good solid doors with good solid framing on a good solid track or frame. I do not find them difficult to clean at all. I bought both of mine from a bathroom/fixtures store.

As far as pricing, the last quote I got, by the time I picked out the glass and metal trims, I was getting close to $700. I think I had picked out the priciest glass and trim. I will shop around when I get ready to buy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basco

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One of the pro's on this forum recommended Cardinal. I saw them in person and they do look very nice.

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The biggest issue I foresee with buying the shower door from someone other than a glass shop is "who will put it in", without good and proper installation even the best shower door system will be crap. Cardinal and Century both are good door systems but they are available only thru dealers who sell and most all the time install what they sell. If you find a dealer who only sells product and you want him to install he will then sub it out and you will end up paying two people for your shower and more than likely more $$$$.

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We bought ours on Overstock and our contractor had no trouble putting it in.

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thanks, suzanne. Good idea. I'm just curious, what are some of the prices people are paying for standard tub sliding glass doors? I know it depends on glass and trim choices, but i'd be interested in seeing how much others are paying. Thanks everyone!

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