Anyone have the 6ft American Standard Evolution tub??

twingleJanuary 31, 2013

I hav been looking for a 6ft tub , no jets, a little deeper tub forca while. I found that some brand you hav to be careful the bottom is narrower than the top. So you rally have to look at the spec sheet. I think I may get the American Standard Evolution 6ft soaking tub. Does anyone have it.. Pros/Cons??

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I recently helped DD2 gut her MBath. She took out an enormous 6 ft soaking tub w/no jets and replaced with a 5 ft Evolution. My notes show it as "American Standard Evolution Deep Soak EverClean Comfort Jet Whirlpool." She loves the tub. She's commented on the water level several times - likes it a lot.

We have what was called Onzen from Ann Sacks - it's either 42 or 48" square and extremely deep. It's called something like "deep soak tub" now. Love it, but it does take awhile to fill up.

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Pros: that high-mounted, horizontal overflow drain that allows the tub to be filled nearly to the brim, so you can have a deep tub without a very tall ledge to climb over. Also, low price for a 6' x 36" tub. And good use of the available width.

Cons: so much space wasted at the backrest area for a whirlpool motor that isn't there. At least it seems to be a comfortable headrest, though the backrest angle is steep.

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Thanks for the help. My DH is 6'7 and I have 4 boys ages 9(twins) to 12 yrs old. My 12 yr old is 5'10. My boys love to soak in the tub after sports but they are so cramped in our 5ft tub. So I really need the 6ft and I need to keep the expense reasonable. So this seemed like a good match.

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May also want to look at the Kohler Archer 6', which also has an overflow drain designed for higher fills, and unlike the AS has an 6' 3-wall alcove model available. Or the Mariposa 6' alcove-with-apron tub mated with American Standard's deep soak overflow drain (very comfortable).

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