Question for Enduring!

hunziJanuary 11, 2014

Hey Enduring,

What do you keep in that lower cubbie area of your tower? Is it hard to get things in and out? How far is it from the sink?

I might need to carve in a cubbie next to my sink!

Always ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Enduring's storage tower

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The tower is not very deep, about 14". It has 2 adjustable shelves. On the bottom shelf I put a felt woven basket that I bought at Target and should have bought 2. I haven't seen them since. It is my dirty linen basket. It is soft so doesn't scratch the paint when I pull it in and out. The center shelf is for the bath matts, empty at the moment. The top shelf is for the hand towels that I change out daily and throw the dirty into the felt basket below. I rolled them cause I can get a lot more into the space, though they are too long, oh well.

area between sink and tower:

closeup of the bottom shelving:

Hope this helps. I like the area. It is convenient to access.

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Perfect!!! Thanks for the photos, that totally helps!

That is exactly how I was thinking of using it, for towels, since this bathroom has NO STORAGE!!, but I wasn't sure how easy it would be to use. So it looks like you have about 14 inches or so to the sink assuming those are 4 inch tiles. I'm not quite sure how much space I'm going to have yet - once the concrete is poured and we start framing, I'll see it better - for some things, I just need to actually see it vs on paper/theory. DH was amused to see that recently I had painter's tape all over the kitchen floor & counters, because I needed to double check some spacings for the kitchen sink, dishwasher & island, because we need to pre-stage some plumbing for the future kitchen reno before we close up the basement walls. Of course he'd have been less happy if I told him I wanted to move the sink to the other wall after we closed up the basement walls!

I'm going to keep this idea in mind!

Always ;-)

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So glad it helped. Yes those are 4" tiles. I put the toothbrushes there for scale and realized you'd figure out the 4" tile thing. Love hearing about your taping. Isn't it fun to watch how others react to us?

For more fun, here is my rendition of my kitchen in 2011, after I ordered the cabinets and illustrating for others. I also had labeled paint swatches all over the walls:

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