Anyone ever tried Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry sunblock?

NikeOctober 28, 2004

Has anyone ever tried this new product by Neutrogena called Ultra Sheer Dry sunblock? My friend let me try her sunblock the past two days and it seems to sit nicely under my powder. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this product and what they thought of it. I'm still trying to figure out what lotion to use and have been so confused with all of the products on the market. I'm basically looking for a good moisturizer. I guess I would use this during the day under my make-up and a separate night cream? Anyone know of any good night creams for someone with very oily skin?

Here is a link that might be useful: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry Sunblock

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very oily skin doesn't need a night cream. thats a hoax to sell you more products.

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Paula Begoun's web site -
Cosmetics Cop

lists that product as an excellent pick. You can do a search there to bring up other product picks in every category, and also learn about ingredients in the fantastic ingredient dictionary. Great consumer site.

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I second Paula Begoun. She sells books called 'Don't go the Cosmetics counter without me'. Worth every penny - she dissects ingredients and debunks myths. Also has a hair care book.

Why do so many cooking forum folks hang over here!

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Heheh, you already know the answer to that - we're a bunch of type-A, multi-tasking compulsives!

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Jessy, Don't you know we want to be beautiful when we cook ;o)

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Well for me, once I had more time on my hands than usual and I came over here to browse and found Weed's thread on the underwear that doesn't show and I've been hooked ever since.

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So far it's pretty decent stuff. I think with it's dry touch formula, it'd be better for normal to oily skin. I still haven't figured out if I should be applying moisturizer prior to this and if I can apply my make-up over it. I also want to know if Milk of Magnesia could be fit into the regimen as well. Ack!!

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Milk of Magnesia on your skin? WTF? Do tell Nike, what's up with that?

I don't layer lotions because I'll break out or develop comedones (those hard white bumps). I never understood how you were supposed to put the sunblock, anti-wrinkle cream, moisturizer, skin refiner, foundation, etc., etc. in layers like they tell you to on the bottles. You'd look like a greased pig.

I don't wear foundation during the day but if I wanted to wear it as well as sunscreen, I'd stay away from the moisturizer. If you feel dry, find a moister sunscreen or foundation maybe.

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I remember reading a year or two back on this site where people were rubbing a light layer of MOM on their face after washing to help keep the oil slick under control on their faces. Believe me... I'm not nuts!

And yes, I don't understand about the layers myself. Right now I'm trying this Neutrogena Dry Sunblock under my powder/foundation during the day and light cream at night. I don't know... My skin seems fine with it so far...

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YES - I've been using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Sunblock for well over a year & I love it. Well, I don't love using any sunblock, but this one is by far the best I've used. I use SPF 45 every day, and I top it off with a dusting of Bare Minerals SPF 15 powder. (I don't know how much sun protection could actually be in a powder, but it makes for a nice, luminous finish.) So, I highly recommend this product. And my 10 yr old daughter used it for a month at sleep-away camp & came home with the same beautiful, porcelain complextion that she left with!

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