Bare Mineral Foundation Anyone?

jade_NYOctober 30, 2002

I just saw this TV ad for a mineral ( powder like, applied with brush ) foundation. It looked great on the ad...but anyone has used it? Is it anything as good as it sounds?

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I've seen this on QVC but I didn't understand how it could work...I'd also be interested in this too.


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I personally never used it. What I read/heard this is great for people who are oily, acne prone or have rosacea. The coverage is great but not cakey and look so natural. The mineral also contains SPF. The best thing to use this is with the brush for this foundation. It needs practice applying it. The best thing to try this is through QVC which has great return policy. You don't like it, you can return it in 30 days. I saw it once they sold it in trial kit, the foundation, mineral veil, brush, and I don't remember what the other is. Great price too. You can also go to Ulta stores to check this out. Bare Escentuals is not the only mineral foundation in the market, other brands are Jane Iredale, Young Blood and some others.

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This may be helpful:

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Wow, they're overpriced. Check out, their price are the lowest in the market. And their mineral also has Titanium dioxide and Zinc Oxide, but no bismuth. Good for people who are allergic to bismuth. The advantage of bismuth is it will make the mineral feels so silky. Check out too.

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The dermatologist that I use is part of a large group. The group also has several cosmetologists on staff. I am close to 60 and have a freckled complexion. Because of the freckles, I have always use a foundation with good coverage. However, at my age, wrinkles are setting in and make up with good coverage settles in those wrinkles--looks terrible. For several years, I have been bouncing around trying to find a foundation that covers and looks good. I have tried everything. In one of my more desperate moments, I went to see one of those cosmetologists I mentioned--my first time ever for such a thing. But, guess what? She had the answer to my prayers. The product she sold me was the compact version of Jane Iredale's foundation. It is wonderful! I apply it just as I would any compact powder--with the puff that comes with it. No training or practice required. It covers very well and does not settle in those lines that I so hate. I have received a number of compliments on my complexion since using it. It is the only Iredale product that I have used (other than their brush for applying eye shadow), but I intend to try their shadow and blush. And, yes, it is expensive. But, since I'm no longer trying every product that comes on the market, I figure I'm ahead.

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Thanks to Pauline for emailing me more information about the product she uses ~ Pure Pressed Base by Jane Iredale. I found a site that will send you 3 free samples of this foundation for just the price of shipping ($5.50). See the link below. You need to do a search for "samples" and look for JI FFS on the second page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Who's the Fairest?

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I received the samples I ordered (see post above) and tried the "pressed powder" today. I can say I am pleasantly surprised. I never thought a powder would be able to cover my ruddy complexion. It really gives you the look of not wearing any makeup ~ yet giving you a MUCH nicer complexion. I plan on trying it a few more days before commiting to buying the full size product, but I say it is definately worth a trial run for those unhappy with their current foundation.

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A couple of weeks ago my niece introduced me to the Bare Minerals makeup. She had purchased it on QVC and couldn't be more pleased with it. She is a beautiful girl and her makeup has always looked great to me, but she does have occasional breakouts, and coverage is very important for her.

I must say, I had never seen her look more radiant or less "made up". The bare minerals gives a very sheer, light look with plenty of coverage. She also claimed that in the weeks she had been using it, her face had not been breaking out at all.

I was so impressed that I immediately went on-line and bought the basics. I'm nearing 60, and have recently been very unhappy with the way my makeup had been emphasizing the wrinkles. I have to say that I am VERY happy with the bare minerals. I have just placed a second order to fill in with some of the other products.

The secret of having wonderful results with this product seem to be "LESS IS MORE".

Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews of Bare Minerals users

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SueZQue,is the bare minerals, the same thing as the dermablend that they sell on qvc? Did you order it from qvc? I never watch qvc much, but did see the show the other day on dermablend and i almost ordered it, but didn't. Wanted to check it out a little more, because it is expensive. I have started getting roscea on my face, not bad, just red and blotchiness on cheeks and nose. I really want to find something to cover this up. Any input on this would be appreciated. thanks, Wanda

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Not SueZQue. Dermablend is not the same thing with mineral foundation. Dermablend is like concealor to cover deep or big patch or scars, comes in more than 20 shades. I'm not sure if they are for rosacea, maybe you can try it at JC Penney. Ulta also sell Dermablend.

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I'm not familiar with the Dermablend. Bare Minerals is sold by QVC - I ordered it from their web site and my niece called in during a QVC presentation to order hers (the kit she ordered came with a VCR tape that had excellent tips on application).

Bare Minerals also has their own stores in CA and a couple in the Atlanta area.

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I have been using Bare Minerals for a year now. I love it. I have very fair skin, and so it took me a while to get the hang of the "warmth" layer. (I got the whole system from the infomercial). But now I would not use anything else. The powder layer "Mineral Veil" is a dream. Don't forget the blush "Glee". I thought it was too purple for me..until I tried it. The video helps a lot. Especially with tips for spot coverage of red areas and under the eyes.

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The Jane Iredale samples that I mentioned in an above post have been temporarily discontinued until the company figures out how to make them more cost productive. I have noticed some samples being sold on eBay for those of you interested.

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SueZQue, did you say your niece said this was helping her breakouts? I have broken out for the first time in my life (I'm 26) and I would like to find a foundation which covers well but doesn't look caked on and doesn't contribute to my skin problems. This sounds like it could fit the bill.

Would be interested to know more if you could tell all!!

TIA, Edith

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My niece said her skin has never been better but she wasn't sure she could ONLY credit bare minerals since she also recently changed her birth control pills.

I've been using the bare minerals now for about 1 month and love it more every day. It did take a little time (for me at least) to figure out how to get the best results. It is very easy to use too much since using just a tiny bit seems so counter intuitive.

Now I start out with a small amount of foundation powder and buff, buff, buff that onto my whole face. Even though I now have several red spots on my face from post-menapausal acne and age spots, the foundation alone does a pretty good job of covering everything. For those spots that still peek through, I touch up with a cover-up powder they call bisque, and then buff again with the foundation brush.

I also use the bisque to highlight under my eyebrows, along the sides of my nose, and between my eyes and cheek bones. A tiny bit of one of the blush powders buffed onto the cheek apples, a bit of eye shadow, and I'm set to go.

I first purchased their second lightest color #2, since I've never considered myself extra light, however I went back and bought the #1.2 which is the lightest shade and like that better. You can also blend the two together right on the brush.

I did purchase the Mineral Veil that can be used on top of everything else to give a matte finish, but I don't always use it.

The eye shadow and blush powders are very flexible and some can be used interchangeably. You can also wet an eyeliner brush and turn any of the colors into eyeliner, or dip any lip gloss into them and add a touch of color to the lips.

This stuff really is remarkable - it is so light and easy to wear. I'll never use a liquid foundation again.

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Oh, by the way. Here's a site I found where you can get samples of the foundations, mineral veil, warmth and glee for $12. They also carry some of the kits as sold on QVC.

When I ordered from here I got my samples within 2 or 3 days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Little Stuff 4 U Site

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How do you know what shade to buy when you order online? I have auburn hair & blue eyes, used to have very fair skin but the last year my complexion has gotten spotty-still fair underneath but with red spots. The only makeup I wear is eyeshadow & mascara but I'm thinking I need to try some foundation because I can't stand this splotchy face. Advice, anyone?

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I would start with the lighest shade - (1.2) You can get samples at Little Stuff 4 You site that I referenced above. I first ordered the medium shade and it was a bit too dark and I have a medium toned skin.

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I found a place locally and went in for a makeover with Jane Iredale. WOW, I am sooo thankful to those of you mentioning this product. I can't believe how well it works. I have been extremely red even on my neck and it covered beautifully. I was really frustrated.

I haven't ever used any mineral product but there must be some differences because they carried another line that was more of a matte finish for younger clients and she didn't recommend that for me. Thanks again, I love learning!

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Ponderingstuff, how did you find the place that was local? Sure wish i could find something like that. I really want to order some , but not sure what to order. And, i am like you, don't need the product that is for younger clients. I have redness in my face and also neck, that , like you, is very frustrating.

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Hi Wanda, I stumbled on the site below, and typed in my area code. It gave me a bunch of places locally that sell it.

Today was the first time I wore the Jane all day and into the night and it looked just as good at the end of the day as in the beginning. No red!!!

I don't know how much red you have, but I naturally have cool pink undertones, and have always worn a pinkish base rather than yellow because it looked best. The gal told me I now need yellow because of how red I am regardless of undertones. I wasn't sure when I was reading online which one I should get. I'd say if red is a big issue use the yellow regardless of your skin tone based on what she told me. The blush and lips warmed up my skin again and looked good.

I have fair-medium skin. I ended up with warm silk foundation, and tawny blush. I went a little darker than my skin tone rather than lighter and it worked out well. Of course you may be different, but maybe that helps. I like the brush for application the best, and use the flock sponge only in the areas that are really red and need extra coverage. In fact when I went for my makeover my neck was very red. She covered it with the flocked sponge and when she was done you couldn't see the makeup or the red.

I hope you are as happy with it as I am. I'm excited to share with anyone having "red" problems. I know how frustrating, and embarrasing it can be at times. Good luck!

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Thanks, Ponderinstuff. Will check it out, as i am very much interested.

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I just tried the locator link & the nearest one to me is about 18 miles away but I plan to make some calls next week for an appt. I am excited about a possible solution to this problem. Thanks!

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In case anyone is interested, qvc is going to have the bare essentials on May 10th.

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