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Am.EJanuary 26, 2012

Ok, we're working on a design for a new build. I'd like to squeeze a full bath upstairs between the two guest/kids rooms. (I say "squeeze," although really there should be plenty of floor space.)

In order to get natural light, the bath ends up being long and skinny. I have about 12' x 6.5' floor space. I've been playing with 3 layouts, and would love feedback from this excellent and oh-so-helpful forum. Which of these do you like? Do you have any other suggestions? (presuming I can't move the bath location, or make it any wider, since that would take too much from the bedrooms.)Also, this will be the only bath in the house with a tub, so I'd like to stick to the std 5' by 2.5' tub size.

Option 1

Pros: Nice size linen closet, large 48" x 22" vanity

Cons: View looks in on toilet. Layout is a bit of a tunnel

Option 2

Pros: Toilet is hidden

Cons: smaller, 18" D vanity required to have clearance around shower

Option 3

Pros: Large vanity, toilet still a little hidden

Cons: Smaller linen closet. Placement awkward?

I'd appreciate your thoughts...

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Oh, I should mention: This is a timber frame house, so that rectangle shown by the window on the wall on the right is a post, is structural, and can't be moved.

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Can you move the door to the bathroom to the side where the linen closet is in option 1 and 2?

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I'm not a bathroom layout expert, but have a comment on your closet. I'd rather have the wider, shallower linen closet than the narrower, deeper one. Stuff will get lost in the back of the narrow/deep one (it does in mine!). With a wider, shallower one, you'll be able to see everything much better. I'm assuming this is not your only linen closet for the whole house...just for the bathroom, right?

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Hmmm... I agree with scootermom regarding the shelves of the linen closet being shallower. Incredible difference that made in our kitchen pantry.

Overall, I like Option 1 best with some design changes. Personal experience... running water but especially a toilet up against a bedroom wall that could have a bed on it needs lots of insulation and I am guessing more than you have drawn in.

Keep linen closet overall shape the same but put in shelves in a u shape to make it easy to access anything and everything.

If you can, change the outside door to be a barn door rolling toward Bedroom #2 or a high quality pocket door. The path from bedroom 3 to the bathroom looks awkward to me.

By changing the door, you open up the wall on the bedroom 3 side. Because your linen closet is so deep, I think you can move the shower next to it and still have room across from it for a shallow vanity. In a pinch that vanity would be privacy for the toilet if you can't build a partial wall.

Ah, another thought since this is for two different bedrooms... Option 1, the barn/pocket door idea, u shelves for the linen closet, two different small vanities opposite each other but one is next to the linen closet, and then slotting the shower opposite the toilet.

I am not seeing storage as an issue but trying to find the right balance between the water pipes. HTH!

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How about putting the vanity on the back wall? You would need to cut a notch out to go around the beam. The sink and mirror would go on the end opposite the window. You would enter the bath from the upper left. The tub would be 60" along the bottom wall starting from left, next to it would be the toilet with 30" total, then a 32" area to access the vanity that is under the window. Shallow linen storage could occupy some space along the upper wall.

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Ok, I've gone back and forth a bit, still trying to see what works.

There is not enough room to put the shower and vanity across from one another.

Also, I'm mostly ok with pocket doors, but not on bathrooms unless I really get backed into it.

I am concerned about noise from putting a bathroom between two bedrooms. DH and I talked about it: we should be ok if we stagger stud the walls and insulate it, it won't be too bad.

I've got it narrowed down to two favorites:

Option 1b: Basically option one, but making the linen closet more shallow. It will help make the bath feel more open, and I won't miss the storage.

Option 4: This is interesting, but probably more expensive to build. There is more countertop, and it would require a custom cabinet. The storage is divided between low storage under the window, and a shallow linen closet accessed from the hall.

Option 1b or Option 4?

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I'd do option 1b. It gives the option, later if you aren't interested in it, to put the door at the shower/toilet location, having all the time access to the vanity even if someone is using shower/toilet. You also have some space between the vanity/toilet if you have 2 of the same gender using the bath at the same time... You can't use the toilet and sink at the same time (2 people anyway), in opt 4.

My 2 cents.

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Option 4, IMHO, is the best.

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