Landers Frary & Clark percolator

skubbsAugust 14, 2006

Hi. I have a LF&C electric percolator. It is just under 10"h, has narrow decorative band around it. Black (wood?) handle. Last date on bottom is 1924. Stamped 'No P45' on bottom. Aluminum coffee basket is also stamped with that number. Bottom is also stamped 'made for' above an oval design containing the words 'service NYAL drug store'. It is chrome colored. Anyone know the history on this pot? Many thanks!

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Vintage coffee makers are very hot right not....there should be all sorts of info all over the web....make Google your friend.
Here's a start.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage coffee makers

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I have a LF&C electric percolator Model E9649 circa 1913. Marked as 3 of 60. Any suggestion where I can get any additional info on this item? Thanks.

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can you tell me anything about this coffee maker i have one with creamer and sugar bowel in green

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Mine sayes No.E 9646, last pat. 1913 UNIVERSAL madeby LF & C. PAT"S "Bte'SG.du G" . If anyone had any info. would you please let me know. Thank

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I have a coffee percolator, silver plated but not functional (or may I do not know how it works). Pat, No. is 2076096. It is "UNIVERSAL" brand. Please help.

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It appears the early electric percolators were not "automatic". You had to unplug them from the electricity when you felt the coffee was brewed strong enough. Usually 4-7 minutes from when they start perking. Early power cords had an integral on-off switch built in. Modern replacements do not.

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These early electric percolators are simple. They have a heating element in the base, some may have some sort of fuse also, but that's it! You plug them in (cords still available) and they heat up. (or not, if broken). You time the percolation to get the coffee strength you want, then you unplug them. No automatic shut-off. No warmer. If you want warm coffee for a long time, decant the coffee to a thermos bottle.

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