Hair problem need help.

sarah_jenniferOctober 30, 2007

Need your help desperately, I am 28 and I facing hair fall for the few months. I am even scared of putting comb. I donâÂÂt know what has happened but the hair fall, it has just increased day by day. Can any one tell me what should I do control hair fall. Caz I have tried a lot of homely tips. But no improvement till now

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First,are you taking any vitamins? This could be as simple as a vitamin deficentcy.

Have you been under unusual amounts of stress? Because that can cause hairloss.

Certain medications can contribute to hairloss.Are you on any medications?

It could simply be an age factor.I read somewhere that something like 70 percent of women have somewhat thinner hair by age 30.

It could be HORMONAL.Too much testosterone in women can cause hairloss. Do you have any other problems such as: excessive facial hair,acne,irregular periods? If so a doctor may put you on birth control pills.

It could also be a thyroid problem.And you may want to have your thyroid checked.

Haircolor can also cause more hair shedding.Especially bleaching.If hair is damaged,it may break off.

So,as you see,there are ALOT of possible causes of hairloss for women.

Here are some things to try on your own:

1) There is a product called NIOXIN.It is a bit expensive (30 dollars) for a 3 step system (shampoo,conditioner,and a scalp spray) that you can find at almost any salon. It was made for people with thinning hair and really plumps what hair you have,while putting your scalp in optimal conditions to grow more hair.This is a great product for people with fine or thinning hair!

2) Start taking a vitamin called BIOTIN.And make sure you are getting enough protein.Also,a multi vitamin if you arent already.

3) Make sure you are getting plenty of rest.

4) Soy is excellent for hair and hair growth.I read an article that said soy may help with hairloss,as it blocks the hormone DHT testosterone that causes male patterned baldness.If you are a woman with too much testosterone,then it could also help.Maybe some TOFU or a glass of soy milk a day would be ideal.

4) See a doctor.For issues like THYROID or vitamin deficency,only your doctor will able to figure out what is going on and how to regulate it if needed with medication.

5) Get a good trim.If the hair falling out is at all caused by damage or hair dyes,this will help mountains! Plus it will make your hair seem fuller.

Dont feel bad,I'm sure there is a reason why this is happening,and you will get to the bottom of it.Good luck to you!

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I have thin hair already and am always plagued with sudden hair loss 3-4 months after any extremely stressful situation (ex-husband's heart attack, end of relationship, job stress, etc.). Also, I lost hair after the birth of my children. I've had to cut my hair very short numerous times because all I had were wisps. So discouraging.

I agree with the above poster, boast your diet with protein and the suggested above supplements. Also take an iron supplement. Low iron is another cause of hair loss. I also tend to be anemic. Note: iron may make you constipated so add a stool softener or fiber supplement like bran cereal or Citrucel. I take biotin and a hair and nails supplement, also a B vitamin pill. It helps. It helps especially with hair growth and my nails are finally decent and not tissue paper.

If the loss is due to one stressful circumstance it will run its course and the hair will begin to grow back. If you are under continual stress it may take a while to get your system in shape with rest, good diet, and supplements.

See your doctor as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iron deficiency and hair loss.

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before you take any medicine for hair loss please talk to your dr. what works for some may not work for you. there natural are remedies that you can try out too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair Loss Remediesf or Women

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Start taking Vitamins B and C, you can't overdose. And eat more protein, eggs, good quality lean cold cuts like Beef and turkey.

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See a doctor and get his advice. And please don't wait thinking it will get better. It probably will eventually stop coming out, but you need to see a doctor.

Are you taking any kind of diet pills? Hair loss is common if diet pills are taken for too long. Or if you have been on a strict diet or under tremendous stress.

I am sure you don't have male pattern baldness because hair usually comes out gradually, in that case. Not all of a sudden like your's is doing. Your's will come back I am sure, please try and not worry. But you need to see a dermatalogist, probably.

Don't fall prey to all these commericals and ads as Michelle pointed out.


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nutrition can be key

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