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shar18February 3, 2010

We are down to the wire for our appliances and DH loves Miele. Considering the 30" Master Chef, Speed Oven and the Steam oven. Is this overkill? oh, the warming drawer too. Does anyone love/hate any of these choices, we have a friend who did the steam and is not impressed at all with the way the food comes out. Any thoughts? Also after much thought we are going to be brave and go with their induction over a gas rangetop. HELP and thank you...

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Yes, it's overkill. And the difference between you and me is I have Gaggenau and Monogram for all of the above and a little bit of Wolf gas too. My kitchen isn't done, so I just look at them longingly, but they're there (breakers off).

What I wouldn't do, didn't do, is put more than two in one stack. I have the combi-steam over the big oven, and the Advantium over the warming drawer. The induction and gas will be side by side under one hood. The optimal place for the warming drawer is just below the counter, and right near the cooktop. Mine is the first, but it's between the cooktop and eating areas, where it would fit the rest of the design. I think it'll work for my uses, but a lot of people want it closer to the cooktop.

After having to practically stand on my head to provide proper hot meals for my whole family (a couple dozen at a time), and doing too many lunches as a way of avoiding the one, impossible, nasty oven the house came with, I went for oven space. When I'm not cooking for the mob, I assume I'll be using the combi-steam and the Advantium more.

The big difference is that the Gaggenau combi-steam is plumbed (no tank to fill) and is also a proper convection oven. No need for a countertop "toaster" oven (though I also want a teeny, old fashioned toaster oven for making toast).

I almost got Miele induction. It's really excellent. If you like the MasterChef program, it's great, and the Miele oven is second only to Gaggenau, and at that by a functionally imperceptible amount, when it comes to temperature variation.

I think they have a combi-steam in Europe. I wouldn't put in a steam only oven, even though my biggest use for it is steaming vegetables. But then, I also have the mobs. If you have the space in your kitchen, and cook a lot, a steam only oven might be very practical for you. It will take getting used to. There are all kinds of other ways to steam things, however, and a steam oven, especially steam only, is pure luxury. That's the first thing I'd cut.

I remember choosing the Advantium over the Miele for its features and response on GW (impression of what owners of each had to say about them). Unfortunately, I don't remember why I chose it.

I really like the Miele warming drawer design, but I think it didn't do a low enough temperature for me. I need to be able to warm plates, and I might use it for rising bread on cold days. Gaggenau also has the open sides and has the temperature spread. I ended up with the Monogram because it, like the Miele, can take a cabinet panel, and has the temperature spread, so I gave up the open sides and kept a bunch of money (it's lots less expensive).

In all, I think Miele makes great products, and none will be bad. My only real qualms are on the steam oven if it's not a combi. You really should read through the manuals online, and read through the manuals of the competitors in the same classes, to be sure you're getting all the features you want.

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Do yourself and your hubby a favour, if you have an appliance store nearby. Go look at the Electrolux Speed oven and their regular Convection oven/oven. I just did as I was down to Pacific Sales, checking out induction cooktops for another user here.
First compare the displays Electrolux vs Miele.
I would need my glasses & I did to read the Miele display
and it is reallly kinda "Ho Hum yawn etc etc" when compared to the Electrolux Wavetouch which displays everything in big blue bottons for you, on both the speed oven and the regular oven and then disappears afer a min or so if you don't poke any buttons.
Next open the door on the Electrolux and the Miele, Notice the thickness of the doors. Notice the inside, Electrolux Cobalt Blue Porcelain, Miele "Clean black Enamel paint".
Now pull out one of the shelves on the Miele, ya, you have to lift up on it a bit and make sure it doesn't turn "Kattiwomis" as you tug in out---must be a real joy with a 20lb turkey on it????(no wonder those Euro Women have great arms????)LOL. Now put your small finger on the Electrolux rack, notice how it glides smoothly out and fully extends.
Now look above each oven at the price.
Electrolux $1999
Miele $3999
Now google reviews for the Electrolux Ovens, you will see a lotta 5 stars out of 5, and in the reviews they tell how it actually cooks. Try that for Miele----hard to find reviews---yep---keep trying , they are there. pretty much a "Mixed bag". Few tell how it actually cooks---more about "Great German Engineering"
Hmmmmmm, Great Engineering, Small Display, must be a very expensive paint inside? door that does not have a quality feel or look when you open it, and racks that would make "Shakin Stevens" proud.
You can always "tell a fib" and tell them you paid twice as much as you did for the Electrolux---if that's what impresses (whoever).Course I will feel sorry for you, or whatever the other poster was hinting at,That said,to the affect, "That if you can't or shouldn't spend that much, You will just have to settle for 2nd best" Miele.
Good news is I asked Pacific Sales if they had any complaints about the "Perfect Clean" on the last generation of Miele Ovens. Their Reply? "We don't sell enough of them to know, Tooooooo Expensive!"
There is a good review in the kitchen section of GW on how the Electrolux Speed oven did with a chicken.
Good Luck on your pending decisions.


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Gary, I've heard you mouth off about "Perfect Clean" for long enough to get motivated to give you some home truths.

"Perfectclean" is in Miele's NON-self-cleaning line of ovens. They aren't a new concept that didn't pan out. They aren't "too expensive" / "non-robust" / "uncleanable" or whatever is your latest explanation for why they have been discontinued. They have been discontinued in the USA because "*we*" lazy yankee blighters do not want to have to clean ovens and so haven't been purchasing them. It is a waste of their money to bother to inventory up and make things available that "we" won't buy.

These hypothetical PerfectClean defects that you've been coughing up all over the place - no such thing. PerfectClean ovens were sold by Miele in Europe and they continue to sell them in copious quantities. In fact, while I can't swear to it, I think that they only introduced the self-cleaning ovens in Europe and Australia AFTER they developed them for the US market. Which was a good bit after they came into the US market. Their PerfectClean has much longer legs than does the self-clean. And they continue to be widely available overseas.

Also, as for the track record, why not ask the people such as Rococogurl and trailrunner who actually have the PerfectClean ovens and have had them for a few years rather than regurgitating what an appliance salesman who says that "we don't sell enough " to have any experience with them.

(Personally, I don't want to pay for a feature that I don't want to use and so hate the idea that the Perfect Clean is no longer available. And, frankly, I blame nitwits and ninnies like you who wouldn't have a stupendous oven if it doesn't self-clean, if it bit you on the bum. ;-) ).

Lastly, the last time I looked at a large enough range of ovens (which was about 3 or 4 years ago), Electorlux did not have anywhere near the performance of a miele or a gaggenau. Shallow ovens (front to back depth) make for inadequate circulation and it showed in the fairly widely varying browning results on the stuff being cooked on it. In contrast, the Miele, Gaggenau and Wolf (and my own too-old-for-school now, Bosch oven) showed ridiculously even cooking results. Electrolux was certainly cool and certainly plenty "good enough" but not up there with the others.

Shar, all I can say is that 4 ovens would the needs of for my own use or any person I know, to be beyond overkill. But only you know your needs. Miele is a good brand and they make good products and very good ovens - I agree with Plllog that Gaggenau's are engineered perhaps even more spectacularly (for technical performance, it left me agape) although probably not observably more impressive (most food, afterall, behaves as a low-pass filter).

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Thank you, Mindstorm!

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Oh Gary, you have so much misinformation in your post.

First of all, if you are buying an oven for the readout and the interior color and telling others to do so, it's tragic. Quoting some salesman, whomever that is, about what he does/doesn't sell in the middle of the worst economy in 50 years. Seriously?

People like the Electrolux and they get good reviews. You are entitled to your opinion about what you have. But it's not helpful to make derogatory comments about an oven that you clearly have not used and know nothing about.

Mindstorm's information is quite correct.

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There are a number of posts about the perfect clean surface. I did not make it up!!! Here is one from our own GW site---There are others but users can find those and since it is a "Non-item" not sold in US anymore, The only reason I post this one is due to your accusation of my making it up. so Here Tis:
"We have had our Perfect Clean ovens for about 4 years and they are covered with baked on gunk. In the beginning I was pretty diligent about wiping up spills, but I never found them easy to clean and finally it seemed that nothing we did would get them clean. We are extremely unhappy with the Perfect Clean surface. BTW, I am also not happy with the convection feature. I do not feel that the baking is as even as it should be. I had GE convection ovens years ago (which were MUCH cheaper) and I think they worked better!
In contrast, I LOVE my Miele dishwasher!

Miele Too expensive.
No glide out racks
Smalish display
Inside, Enamel Paint
Double the cost of the Electrolux
If you care to read, there are many many
reviews on how great the Electrolux cooks.
We do not use the self clean on the Electrolux
anybody that has a porcelain coated pan certainly
knows it easier to clean than a "Painted pan".

I know you prefer we "Non Believers" keep quiet
hard to sell something that is twice the cost
doesn't cook any better than any other oven(Oh I Know
your food tastes twice as good)..
That's the only way they gonna sell, (and they aren't at least at the Pacific Sales Store I went to, is if only
people, who just automatically push the "Twice the Cost Button" continue to be the only ones that speak or offer info.
Yep it really gets me, when someone says (or Implies)
"Oh Sorry Dear" that due to your budget constraints or whatever----too bad, You have to do with 2nd best"
If you like Miele more power to ya, like I said I like my Optima, but I certainly dont think anybody has a 2nd or 3rd rate dishwasher, just cause it's not a Miele.
Different strokes for different folks.

Tell what's good about the Miele and why you like it, but you put somebody's elses down in the process (Not saying You personally did that), unfortunately you don't havta look far so see it) then I will be quiet as a mouse,
Otherwise, Otherwise


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Is Gary, Kelly Ripa in disguise? Just sayin'.

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Gary -- When you write that the inside of an oven you don't own and haven't used is paint then that is misinformation. That's simply untrue.

How do I know? I clean it, it's heavy duty enamel and it's easier to clean than the other brand of self-cleaning oven I had before.

I don't happen to care for those oven racks with the wheels in them. I don't like the sharp edges and I love the drip pan that slides under my racks -- that's easier to clean than my roasting pans.

The Miele racks are plenty sturdy and slide easily even with a turkey. If that gives me better biceps, you'll hear no complaints.

I can see the display across the room -- it may have looked small to you in the showroom but the size is adjustable. Mine is large.

I'm not responsible for what you read into my posts -- that's on you. I can only be responsible for what I write based on my own experience.

I stated: "People like the Electrolux and they get good reviews. You are entitled to your opinion about what you have. But it's not helpful to make derogatory comments about an oven that you clearly have not used and know nothing about."

I stand by that.

If you do a search you will find detailed posts going back 3 years now on what I like about the oven and don't. Other owners -- trailrunner, loves2cook4six, chinchette -- have done the same.

When someone comes on the forum and says they are looking for a Kenmore slide in it's not nice to suggest La Cornue.

When someone comes on and says they are looking to go with many specialized pieces on a high end brand, it's not helpful to tell them what a dope they are and that they should buy something else. They've already been to the appliance store.
* * * * * * * * * * *

To answer one part of the OPs question: I did look at replacing my micro with the steam oven at one point but decided that, for us, it wouldn't pay. We use the micro too often and I got a great countertop Oster steamer for $30 which does everything I need. Love my Optima. Only wish I had the induction (or the Gaggenau induction) and the fridge. LOL!

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"Does anyone love/hate any of these choices, we have a friend who did the steam and is not impressed at all with the way the food comes out. Any thoughts?"

"When someone comes on and says they are looking to go with many specialized pieces on a high end brand, it's not helpful to tell them what a dope they are and that they should buy something else."

If you look at the first paragraph, you can see what the Op Asked? I did not tell them they were dopes. As I mentioned I went down to Pacific Sales with frying pan in hand to do a noise check on different induction units per a suggestion from a user on another post. Pacific told me none of the induction units were powered up due to safety.
So I thought , as long as I'm here, I would try to figure out myself why a Miele oven is worth more than 2x the price of the Elux. I've had an Elux for over 3 years and it cooks great, true I haven't cooked on a Miele--that's why I offered "There are many many reviews on cooking with the Elux, and a few Non_GW on the Miele.so I figured we had the cooking aspects settled or at least we offered the user the info on how to find this info.
Of course the ovens weren't powered up for use at PS either. So I looked at the things I could, to see how the 2X price is justified.
We looked at the displays, it's one of the first things you see when you look at the ovens, not hard to see that the Elux is easily twice as big, and since I own one, I know how easy it is to read. Next we tried the doors, I expected the door on the Miele to be built like a "German Tank" compared to the Elux---Not so, the door was not only much thicker on the Elux but it open and closed much more smoothly and felt more solid--I tried 3 Elux ovens and 3 Miele ovens. I didnt measure the thickness of the door, but eyeballing I would say the Elux is about 1.5 times thicker than the Miele---- (So we gotta look elsewhere for the 2x factor) We look inside, Now I know it's a Personal taste matter, but to me the Cobalt Blue Porcelain interior look more upscale than the black enamel paint in the Miele----again no 2x factor here.
So next we tried the racks, I found you have to lift up slightly to pull out the miele rack,(3 different ovens) and it will try to turn on you if you dont pull straight on it. Then I tried the Elux, gave the rack a small tug with my baby finger and it glided right out---course I'm usta that having one for more than 3 years now. So again, I don't see a 2x factor here.

I did "Specifically type", "(Not saying You personally did that)", so in no way was I taking a personal shot at you or any of the Ladies or Gents here.
My Shot is at posts where they claim X is the Best or Y is the best and everything Else is just a compromise.
I guess you could also say I'm taking a Shot at the "2X" factor and a recent 3 to 5% price increase.

I guess I'm getting old, Maybe you Ladies and or Gents can enlighten all of us here, why something is worth more than 2x of something else, when we see good cooking reviews etc etc about both products.

If it takes a Miele to make ya happy, great, your "2X" My goal is to helpfully save somebody that is thinking about really overstretching their budget and buying something that even though 2X the price, may not deliver all that they were lead to believe it was.

So "Have At it" Educate us Please.


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whew....thank you rococogurl and mindstorm...I can't say enough good about the Miele Perfect Clean ovens. I have used them for 4 years. Mine look like new inside. I DO clean them after every messy use. You have to. As to lazy folks not wanting to do that...well...hmm....these would be the same people that sit in the parking lot at the grocery waiting for a parking place near the front entrance...hm...I will say one thing more...we have a disposable, lazy society.

I baked 9 yes 9 loaves of bread in my Miele the other day...3 at a time in the lower oven on my baking stone...wanna see ???? Even browning Perfect as can be ...the convection works. Yes you have to put in some elbow grease but the quality is well worth it.

interior oven 10 min into the bake :

finished 9 loaves packed into the basket for presentation:

this was last week :

week before :)

week before that :

interior oven pic w/ challah !

rotisserie :


ok I'm tired,,,if you love them then you do ...but this guy Gary is "full of who shot John " as my MIL used to say...c

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how come no one has mentioned the porcelain flaking problems than some have experienced with their spiffy blue Elux oven interiors ???

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Should we mention it on the Wolfs too, Antss? We know at least the outcome of one of the 3 posts about the Electrolux, It was replaced under warranty, and She just posted , yesterday, that She was happy with the new oven and Electrolux service, seems she did mention that "One Company" was just replacing the liner and not the whole oven----hmmmmm since we have seen 3 different companies with this problem, Elux, Wolf and Dacor-----and we know Dacor replaced the whole oven but new one had same problem, U takes a guess at which one Antss. Also the new Electrolux ovens still have the Cobalt Blue Interiors, while Miele felt it prudent to take the perfect clean off the market. Electrolux, in this case Studied what American Consumers wanted, whilst Miele did not, but nice try Antss.
Anway I kinda get the message here, Those without Miele, Gag or similar credentials, need not apply to this post, So I bid ya all Adieu _on this post Only.
Dodge sings as He leaves, "We Belong To A Me Ah Lee, Admiration Society----Yes we belong-----Dodge fades into the distance.


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I must say a few words here. I have been watching this site for months and got many great ideas from dodge. I only notice he tries to offer suggestions to users to compare what they need and he seems genuinely interested in even going to the stores to follow up on questions that he could not answer until he shopped himself.I have never seen him say a nything against the miele just tried to get the user to compare especially i did see he was concerned if the user could not afford a Miele. I did go and compare and i did decide to go with electrolux and its super but in no way would i knock down the Miele nor did dodge. All i ever saw was a gentleman genuinely interested in helping people. Am sorry he chose to leave this post i did get a lot of useful info from his posts and have seen many thank him for his suggestions. Thanks

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Isn't Miele coming out with gliding racks on their ovens this year? Or is that just a rumor?

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To Trailrunner, your breads look beautiful, obviously you are happy with your Miele. Still looking for answers on a steam oven. Does anyone out there actually cook with either the Miele or Gaggenau

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pasture19, Miele is now putting in a bottom gliding rack to their ovens beginning Feb. 1. I have one on order to be delivered in March, and they assured me of this. I also called the Miele regional office in New England and asked if Miele would be coming out with micro/steam oven in near future in the U.S. - the answer was no. I also asked if they would be coming out with a plumbed version of the steam oven and again the answer was no. She said that the Miele steam oven was outselling the Gagganeau and one of the main reasons was that the Gagganeau often has some issues with the pipes getting "clogged" up - I'm not recalling the exact wording of what she said but I know it had to do with the piping.

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Dodge - you could mention that Wolf has some issues with their blue interiors too, I did not since they were not part of the conversation or the OP's orig. ??? about Miele.

You felt compelled to bring Elux into the conversation and I don't think you were giving the WHOLE picture. Yes it's an attractive value, but it has drawbacks too.

Dacor does not have blue interiors or it's associated troubles that manuf. other than Gaggenau do.

Miele does do market and consumer research, you obviously have a reading comprehension problem as Mindstorm laid it out for you. Research shows than Americans are lazy and want to push a button to clean their ovens, Miele responded. They have responded with a a larger washer and dryer to meet demand too, they will offer the super slick quiet as a mouse glide racks that Americans can't seem to live without these days too.

Where did you get that Miele has paint inside their ovens? From the PS sales weasel?

They ARE NOT pulling off the market, it will just not be available in the USA for the reasons mindstorm told you, and it's not because there is a defect in it.

Oh, and once again you run and sulk in the corner when your opinions or facts are challenged, way to go fella.

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I did not run and Sulk in the corner, if you care to check GW, for other posts I have made. Yes you are correct that Dacor does not use the Cobalt Porcelain Interior, after more googling, I found out it was Fisher Paykel. The reason I mentioned other ovens, was first to address it, since "YOU" brought it up & and to show how the different companies dealt with the problem, You saw the post about how Electrolux handled one of theirs, but I have not seen posts about how any of the other problems were handled.

My original goal here, was just to get the user to compare brands, As I had just done, in person, 6 ovens and if they still thought the Miele best fit their needs , so be it.

Compare (again beating a dead horse) and I just use it as you say I have a "Reading Comprehension problem". OK lets say Miele did do their "Market and Consumer Research", at least in the case of the US Market & the "Perfect Clean Ovens"---that research did not "Pan out" for the American Market---maybe for the reasons given by posters here.
Had their been any real serious problems with the Cobalt Blue Porcelain Interior, Elux would not continue to offer it 3 to 5 years later. While speaking of interiors, what do you think "Clean Enamel is" last time I heard, it was baked on paint, and cost significantly less than a procelain finish---recall I was looking for the 2X factor to justify double the price, and I, at least didnt find it in the interior finish.

Anyway, like I said, I just wanted to give the user a comparison of the 2 products. I guess what the user wanted was a "Warm Fuzzy Post" to assure them that pushing the 2x button was the correct thing to do.

This kinda looks like games our typical politicans play, "Attack Attack Attack" in lieu of of answering what I thought would be a simple question, "Why Should I pay Double for a Miele"

Anyway, "Back to my Corner", I wanna give the folks in this post some "Peace"


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My original goal here, was just to get the user to compare brands, I just wanted to give the user a comparison of the 2 products. I guess what the user wanted was a "Warm Fuzzy Post"

Gary, it's a matter of style. And, yes, warm and fuzzy is more pleasant, but no one posts just to hear lockstep agreement. They want information, and you're trying to give it, but communication is a lot smoother if it's done in a warm and pleasant tone. The way you write it comes off as "you're being stupid--if you don't agree with me you're an idiot." This perceived nastiness gets people's hackles up. If you can word your posts pleasantly people will pay more attention to the information you're trying to provide, rather than just scrolling past your posts, and people (except those whose behavior is worse than anything you've done here) won't be attacking you for posting your opinion.

If you said, "I really like Electrolux Icon. Why don't you get your husband to compare them before you settle on Miele. The Electrolux display is easier to read, it has smoothly operating full extension glides, and a fabulous interior surface. Plus it costs a lot less," no one would be up in arms and battling with you.

Instead of wording your dislike of the Miele in such excited terms, try saying, "Some people have posted having problems with the enamel interior of the Miele," (or whatever the issue was--I had trouble following that). "It has old fashioned racks rather than the full extension glides, and I had to put on my glasses to read the display."

Just present the facts. Your own experiences, and what you've gleaned. And be open to having a misapprehension corrected. I was really happy when you chimed in on another thread and corrected my mistake in thinking that Electrolux also used the Fagor inductors. It's been a year since I was immersed in the data and I obviously misremembered. It's important to give people the best info possible, so really useful that your corrected that so quickly.

Unless you're trying to stir the pot because you don't have enough drama in your life, and actually look forward to people hurling verbal brickbats at you, I think you'll find that with a little practice, being nice is actually fun, and worth the trouble.

It really is possible to provide a differing opinion while being pleasant.

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Thanks "Teach", Now off to my corner (Again) LOL to practice my political Skills.
I do mean it "Thanks"


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I really love my Miele Induction cooktop. I also really love the rotisserie on my Miele oven. Love the way it looks and love the display. What I really dislike, I mean REALLY dislike is the way Miele Customer Service treats a warranty customer. My ovens are off in temp, my clock is running fast. I would like someone to come out and take a look at the oven. Miele went over voltage with me two times, it is correct. They will not send a person out, I DON'T GET IT! I have been in contact with the distributor. It has been three days, NOTHING! Again, what is going on? Even with my incredibly CRAPPY Electrolux refrigerator, they would at least come out, if only to try and fix a problem with a piece of tape; but Miele won't even do that. I am sure in the end, I WILL get service. Who knows when, but it will happen. I will be writing Germany. (There was someone on here who did, if you are that person, do you have the contact info?) Until this problem is remedied, I will NEVER recommend a Miele product to anyone, not even a dishwasher. I don't care if they do make great products, stand by the ones that do get through with a problem! IMO, Wolf has the best service - if I can ever afford to do this again, I will be buying a Wolf. And say what you want about Asko and issues with their DWs, they have been great. Courteous and prompt with replacing a broken wheel. Miele USA get your act together!

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baver -- that's terrible. Stay on them! No brand is perfect.

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"Kelly" here, baver, does your clock gain about 12 minutes per hour?

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No, it's running about 15sec/min fast initially, about a minute every two weeks. It really is hard to pinpoint. All I know is I have a microwave and an atomic clock, both of which are spot on. I'll reset the Miele and within a day, it is off by 15 seconds. The oven temps are off by 10-20 degrees and it took 50 minutes to get the oven thermometer to within 10-15 degrees of the preset 400 degrees. It's a single 30" MasterChef.

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OK the reason for the question was if somehow they shipped a 50HZ unit (Europe) instead of the 60HZ the clock would run 6/5ths fast or 12 minutes per hour, but that rules that out.

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I'm hysterical reading this thread. Maybe a concept for a new TLC reality show..."Super Oven Slamdown". I'm running off to the bakery before the snow starts and I have a Miele too.

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Gotta admit, an oven that gives you better biceps...

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rococogurl....you got it, uses for your oven other than for food prep! Stay warm and dry.

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Oy vey. I came to this post to hopefully learn more details on the Miele warming drawer. AEG has discontinued the panel ready 30" drawer. I can either buy a display model at 10% off, or consider the 24". If I am looking at 24", then I thought I would consider the Miele. We are going with the AEG combo-steam oven (no it's not plumbed, however, the interior is larger than Miele and for extra money you can get the gliding racks). Anyway, there was some mention about Miele not having the temperature range, so I will have a look at the Monogram.

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Latest on Bluestar 30" RCS Gas Range Over Door Temp
Hi, First, thank you to all community members who have...
Bread baking in the Blue Star Range
We are in the process of building a new home and though...
New Bluestar RCS model - Any Info? (RCS366BV2)
Most of the 36" RCS models are RCS36IRV1 right...
Getting the most out of Miele Masterchef?
Probably a dumb question... There are a lot of different...
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