arlinnOctober 29, 2005

Does anyone know about the paraben scare? I think it's a preservative used in cosmetics/creams/lotions. Supposedly it causes breast cancer. Does anyone know if this is for real? I've been checking labels and it's in practically everything.....even products at the health food store.

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I have googled around looking for some info about this. Does it have an another word that goes with it, like paraben something-or-other?

Where did you hear of the danger?

I did find a little info, but it was by companies selling their own products, so their stories aren't to be trusted.

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Well, I did find this link below, and it provides a little information, and still reads like an advertisement. One thing the article reports which is worrisome is the lack of regulation of the products that go into cosmetics, the stuff we smear on our faces every day.

Here is a link that might be useful: parabens

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That article is a press release written by a commercial firm wishing to scare people into using their products and not others. It's despicable. The ingredients in cosmetics are in fact, very regulated and most have been tested ad nauseum.

In fact, for example, many cosmetics companies can truthfully claim "no animal testing" because the ingredients they use have been in use so long that they've been animal tested many, many years ago before animal rights became in vogue. So, yes, it's true - Company A didn't test their ingredients on animals - because many companies years ago already have. How convenient.

Be aware that much of what you read and much of what is on TV news is just PR passed directly from the companies to you - unedited and unresearched.

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If you really want to research parabens, you can go to the link below and find the parabens product you want. These are the Materials Safety Data Sheets and would require a free registration to look at the sheets which interest you.

Here is a link that might be useful: MSDS

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Here's a paragraph about paraben from a source I use a lot - Paula Begoun's site. Yes, she sells her own stuff too. But this ingredients dictionary on her site is great:

Cosmetics Cop

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