Straight rollers?

patlyOctober 7, 2003

I have straight, average texture hair. I would like some curls &/or waves. Does anyone know of some hot rollers that would be effective?

I would prefer that they be easy to use and compact.



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Pat, I have pretty much given up the hot rollers. I had my hair styled recently and she used the rollers that are like velcro with a hair dryer. I was so impressed, I bought them. You can get more curl if you leave it ever so slightly damp and then use the hair dryer - also depends on the size curler you use. the longer you leave the dryer on also makes a difference. I do a quick roll on my hair in the mornings, use the hair dryer on them for about 3-5 min, and then while it is cooling (important), I apply my makeup etc. I even have one of those attachments on my hair dryer to narrow the air that comes out so I can blow on one roller at a time instead of getting the fuzzies by blowing around the whole head. i find i am getting a whole lot more volume to my thin hair using these rollers.

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I use the velcro rollers with a hairdryer too. Another way to help the curls stay is to *lightly* spritz with hairspray. Roll your hair, spritz, then use the dryer.

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I have fine hair and have always used hot rollers for volume and curl. When you section your hair to roll it, spray that section with hairspray and then roll w/the hot roller. My hair stays curly until the next time I wash it.

I use Conair's big curls hot rollers, they have a velvety cover around the roller.

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I have no talent with any kind of roller, got the steam rollers collecting dust; however, I'm a whizzz with a curling iron. Just blow dry my hair and then finish it with curling the layer. Have you tried curling irons? They come in so many different sizes these days.

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velcro rollers are really easy to use they are self sticking. Some have better velcro than others.

You can also use a heat set (such as biolage, big sexy hair, etc) that is designed for adding fullness and curl on dry hair. Heating and then cooling are very important.

Velcros give a different look than hot rollers, so it depends on your style and look on which is better. the principle is the same for both, heating and then cooling.

Curling irons work well for some people too, but again the look is different.

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I would like to try velcro rollers too - the very large ones just to get some extra body, rather than curls. But I have very fine hair and I remember years ago always getting the velcro rollers stuck in my hair and it seemed damaging. Any advice?

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Hi Rider,

The rule of thumb for curlers. If you go around the hair more than 11/2 times it will reverse direction and do it's own thing when you let it out. Velcros don't curl as much because they are not normally dried into the hair they are used on dry hair so the curl is less intense.

You don't say what the length of your hair is. I prefer velcros on about shoulder length or shorter with layers. If you hair is longer just be careful the edges don't fall off when you wrap it. The heat set spray will help it stay together a bit when you heat it up, and won't be firm like a hair spray is. On fine hair make sure you don't use too much or it will limp out or be too heavy.

Sometimes I use rollers that barely wrap around once. Bigger gives a bigger bend.

I'd also say if your hair really tangles be careful when you heat them up, use low heat so you don't blow the hair all over.

Start at the bottom when removing rollers, not at the top.

Fine hair does tangle more so you just have to be careful.
Good luck!

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Thanks ponderinstuff!
When you say "start at the bottom when removing rollers, not at the top" do you mean the rollers on the bottom of my head, or the bottom (ends) of my hair? Sorry for the confusion!

ps My hair is an inch or two past my shoulders but I do have some breakage so there are plenty of flyaways :-( ugh!

Maybe I should find some other type of roller or method to achieve what I'm looking for? And maybe I'll try the velcro tonight.

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Going to look for the velcro curlers and then blow dry.

Guess I was looking for an easy way out.


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HI rider,

I meant when you remove the rollers take them out around the hairline first, then it won't tangle as much. If you have fly-aways you may have some breakage so be very careful when you take them out. Don't ever "rip" your hair.

I set mine and use a hooded hairdryer sometimes too. It is nice to have a coffee and read or write while I'm sitting.

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Ponder I am curious about what you said

The rule of thumb for curlers. If you go around the hair more than 11/2 times it will reverse direction and do it's own thing when you let it out.

Do you mean not to turn the curling iron more then 1 and half times?? I think thats what you are saying but I've never had that trouble controling it. If I want to curl your hair under I face the clip one way and if I want to curl it out it faces the other way. I'm not trying to be rude in anyway, I hope you don't take it that way! Just curious.

I usually use big hot rollers for body and then let it cool and then finish up with a curling iron to help it go in the direction I want it. Then after that round cools I go to it with my round brush. I find this way last a lot longer then blowing it out with the round brush. Atleast for my hair! I love my ceramic curling iron! It heats up so fast and so even!

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Have you ever tried smooth plastic rollers secured with roller clips or rolller pins. Your hair will come out alot smooth and will hold alot longer than velrco or hot rollers.
Also try setting lotion apply to each section before rolling it. When your head is competely set in rollers give it a spray of extrahl hair spray. Good Luck! While I writing this my hair in rollers, I prefer a wet set drying natural if I have the time.

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I have the same length fine hair as you and have the best results using Conair's electric rollers (three sizes, about twenty in total). I just use the jumbo and only about six on my head in total.

I also use a gel before blow drying that gives enough memory that it still looks good the next day. I only leave them in for about five minutes to get a soft bounce rather than curls, and pull the hair straight up from the crown to get the maximum lift. Not very time consuming at all!

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Hello all
I must say that i am impressed by the indepth knowledge i got from all the posts..i thank you all though i still have one question:
Which hair spray wud u suggest . I have very fine hair too and for the moment i am using the foam rollers but my curls dont stay for long ...i dont use any spray . So i guess thats wht missing. Can anyone suggest a gud hair spray?

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Shaper Hair Spray. I don't like the super hold since it makes your hair stiff as a board. I go with the regular hold and it is plenty for me.

I have fine hair, but a lot of it. I use hot rollers, but I think the key is product. Use some sort of gel before drying your hair or some after product on your dry hair BEFORE you roll.

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I have fine hair also and like a hairspray that I can comb through. I have been using Nexxus Comb Thru with success. It doesn't weight down my fine hair. I use it with velcro rollers and a hair drier. I also let them stay in while I put on my makeup and get dressed.

If I need more hold I use a bit of gel too, as suggested above. Some gels aren't good to comb through. I have liked one called ABBA Gelsential. Comes in a cobalt blue bottle. I bought it at Longs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nexxus Comb Thru

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so ladies which hair spray wud u all suggest . I got this Freeman stuff and it doesnt work for me .
Can anyone suggest

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