Culinarian issue

pjvent777February 25, 2012

Just had my Culinarian installed and there's a minor issue: when I ignite some of my burners, only the inner flame ring ignites. In order to get all of the flames lit, I need to turn the knob to simmer, and then once everything has "caught," go back up to "Hi." Has anyone else had this issue? Again, most of the six burners work great, but a couple are having this problem (and if you leave it on long enough, maybe 25 seconds, sometimes the entire thing catches but not always).

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Sophie Wheeler

That's not really an issue. Pretty much any double stack burner will do that. Burners aren't designed to be lit to admire the flame pattern. Put a pan on it first. That will keep the emitted gas close enough to the flame that it ignites.

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I actually posted a video of this on my CC. As hollysprings says, it's not really an issue. It only happened on mine that one time, shortly after I adjusted my burners. I'm on propane, and the only thing I could think of was the temperature outside changed, so the gas pipes running in my basement were probably cooler possibly resulting in slightly lower pressure (denser gas). After a day or so, it didn't happen anymore.

As suggested, just put the pan over the burner and the rest of the burner will light.

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So what happens in the mean time, the burner just jets unburned gas into the air? If it doesn't bother you, that's alright, but I wouldn't over generalize this. I've never seen that happen on any burner I've ever used, sealed or otherwise.

My guess is adjusting the air shutters might take care of it but I wouldn't leave it as is. Personally I don't like lighting my burners with a pan already sitting on them because it makes the gas spread out all over the place as it is igniting.


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I agree with all 3 posts above, having said that Stooxie is spot on, changing the air shutter will cure the problem completely.

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Problem solved; I cleaned the little line between the inner ring and the outer rings and now everything lights up beautifully. There was some metallic grit in there. Thanks for all of the above.

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