eye cream

michie1October 1, 2004

does it really work? Are there brands that are better than others? What should I be looking for?


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I use Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Wrinkle control eye creame.
Yes, it works. I have the book The Wrinkle Cure. Co-enzme Q10 is highly recommended both as a supplement and a topical
skin treatment. I use it in morning and night and also mix it in with my foundation when I am applying it to my eye area. It helps the foundation to go on smooth and lighter, this way it doesn't settle into any fine lines. This technique works for me because I do not have dark cirlces.

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Hmm... I've been wondering about the whole eye cream thing. Especially when one moisturizes. I'm guessing eye cream is required because the moisturizers aren't meant to go right around the eyes. I guess it could get into your eyes and irritate them with all of their additives. Am I the only one who applies her night cream and day moisturizer all over her face as well as the eye area?

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Definitely works for me. I use it like Bonilyn.

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And is eye cream meant to be used at night only or during the day? Does anyone know of any eye creams that also deal with circles to help lighten?


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All the eye creams I've used have been light, and meant to be used all the time, as is facial moisturizer. Remember to apply lightly with your ring finger.

For circles under the eyes, the most basic things are to get enough sleep, drink enough water, reduce stress, etc. Cucumber slices and cold tea bags are also rumored to help.

I Googled "under eye lightener" and found a bunch of products that claim to do this. If you ever find one that works well, please post it. I - along with thousands of other women - would love to know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search

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