Any Tall ladies out there

i_dig_itOctober 23, 2009

I am 5' 10" and mostly legs.

I am so disappointed at trying to find jeans and slacks long enough. Why do store always have Petite departments, but nothing for tall ladies. Even average height women buy the long length jeans, so they can wear heels with them.

Anyone else have this problem and where do you find your jeans and slacks at?


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I have found that ordering pants online gets you a longer inseam. I am a 34" inseam and have found lots of pants from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, J. Jill, Land's End, and on eBay.

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I have done a bit of browsing at online retailers in search of the long length jeans, but styles and fit vary so much that it's just too hard to order several styles and sizes trying to find the right ones and then have to deal with the returns of the others.
It would just be SO much easier if the stores would start carrying tall sizes like they do with petites. Which brings me to say, I don't really understand the need for petite sizes. It's so easy to have pants hemmed to the right length, but impossible to add length to them for us tall gals.
Now don't get me started on trying to find a decent coat with sleeves long enough....sigh.


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As a petite woman I'll explain the need for petite pants. When I put on a pair of regular sized pants, the waist is just below my bra! Low rise pants are at waist or just above. The difference isn't all in the inseam. Sleeve lengths and arm hole depths should be self-explanatory. It's a pain to move a cuff. And shoulder widths are also different. Petite blouses are shorter in body length as well.

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I also order from Lands End, I like being able to get a custom inseam. Otherwise, I've had good luck with pants from J. Crew, Banana Republic, NY&Co. I like long jeans from Lee. Many premium denim lines have long inseams also (paige, joes, 7FAM). Hope this helps.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Jones New York and Liz Claiborne frequently carry longs in pants. Tommy Hilfiger has longs too. These are my favorite brands for pants. I agree, it is hard to order pants, I practically never do.

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I'm 5'11" and the past few years have found no problem finding long jeans and slacks, I was happy the manufacturers had finally started making things longer! I do spend the money on pricey jeans they do run much longer, but I have clothes I can actually wear high heels with!

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Terilyn, WHO are the manufacturers??? Whose brands are the clothes you can wear high heels with??? WE NEED NAMES!!! I'm happy to spend more on pricey jeans....but whose?

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Rock&Republic, 7 for all Mankind, Citizens for Humanity, James Jeans, longest of all, True Religion. For pants, Theory, Elie Tahari, St. John. I always wash my jeans in cold water inside out and hang to dry, that seems to keep them looking and fitting great for years.

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You must be very lucky to live where the stores actually carry the long lengths. I would gladly shell out a few big bucks to get a great pair of jeans that are actually long enough, but the stores near me that do carry the better brands only have average and petite lengths. They offer to special order long lengths for me, but since every pair of jeans fit different, even in the same size, it's just too chancy. I just wish I could go into a store and try them on.
I might have to make the 150 mile trip into downtown Chicago and check out the Michigan Ave. stores.

I've been browsing eBay and even the jeans on there vary widely in the measurements in jeans of the same style and brand.

Any ideas on nice leather jackets with sleeves long enough?

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Ooops one wrong brand, J jeans not James. Check out online, you don't have to live close to a store to shop. Get your measurements and try a few brands, if it doesn't work send it back. I never try on in store, I always wait til I'm home with the right shoes etc, then take back if necessary, same as online.

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In case any tall Canadian women might check this thread, at 5'10", I actually find pants that are TOO LONG at Tall Girl stores. Like others have posted, I have also found tall pants at some online retailers like Lands End.

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Hi there,

I'm 5'9" and get DKNY Jeans, size 8 regular are long enough. I also got a size 6 in a more expensive brand called Kut that are plenty long. Gap has long sizes too, I take an 8L.

Our local Macy's store carries long sizes. But once you know the style and size, you can safely buy online on eBay or Craig's List. I just bought a few long sweaters on eBay. We'll see how that works (they list the dimensions, so I've measured similar sweaters at home). I haven't yet received my items but I'm hoping for the best. The safest idea is to know the exact brand and size of the item and then bid on just that. I also try to buy from the top rated sellers.

Good luck!

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JCrew online sells tall jeans, cords, chinos, coats, suits, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc. They are not just long in the hem, but the rise on the pants is a bit 'taller' too - so lower-rise pants are where they are supposed to me on me, not below the bikini line. :) Same deal on coats, jackets, and shirts, the waist is in the right place and the sleeves are longer. I'm 5'11" and have found that the talls are just perfect on me. Good luck!

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