Polt Mart Ware?

blueheronAugust 14, 2011

I have a little ashtray I bought in England with a picture of a 'Rotary Cultivator' by Rickett 1858.

On the back there is a crown, the words in cursive "Polt Mart" or something like it and underneath, the words, WARE F.W.R. ENGLAND. I'm sorry I don't have the ability to send pictures. I wonder if anybody ever heard of the company.

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I googled 'rotary cultivator by Rickett' and found a mug and a beer stein with the same picture for sale on Ebay for $12. Seems to have been a common theme for inexpensive pottery. None of the items have a clear picture of the Polt Mart words...lol

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"pat Mar 1" perhaps? is there a 4 digit number beginning with 18 or 19 somewhere?

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No, the first word is definitely 4 letters and there is no number anywhere.

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That would be Pall Mall Ware and purportedly manufactured by James Biltons from Burslem Stoke-On-Trent. Same signature mark as found on a collector's plate I saw on another antique and collector's website.

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