Landstrom Furniture Corp Desk

woodgrainsAugust 11, 2009

I have a desk and would really like to know some information on it if anyone has any! What kind of wood? When was it manufactured? Maybe some refinishing techniques.

There is a plate on the back that says "Revell & Co Chicago Illinois" and have determined that to be the department store that sold this desk. Also on the inside of one of the drawers is a tag that says "Landstroms Furniture Corp 1879 Rockford Illinois" Thanks a lot!

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It looks to be 1930's furniture, veneer, some of it looks like burl.
But again looking at the brasses, it looks like it could be 1960's or 70's.
Do a google search on Rockford Ill and maybe you can find info there.
Start out cleaning up with mineral spirits and then decide where to go from there.
Linda c

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I have a desk with drawer and folding top that will lay flat or the part covering the front of the desk will stand as if to hold items while writing and has 2 side storage areas and several cubby holes. I also have a cane bottom chair that may have been bought along with the desk. I would like the age is possible and ball park value. Both in excellent condition. I do not have a key for the lock.

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My moms folks bought a secretariate desk in 1920 from Meier n Franks of Portland,Oregon.I have it in my home now.I have always had it in my life.Was wondering its value.

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Please start your own thread; that way responses can come to you instead of to the OP, and people don't have to read through old entries to get to your question.


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