Helix hair cut

susie100September 29, 2006

Generally lurk on this board, but was wondering if anyone has had a Helix hair cut or know of anyone who has, and if you, or they, liked the results. Thanks.

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What is a Helix haircut?

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A helix hair cut is when specially shaped shears are used. The blades are supposed to be twisted in a certain way and the cut is supposed to encourage the hair to curl and/or wave without a perm or use of hot rollers, etc. There is a website: www.myhelix.com with information about it. I think I would like to try one, but wanted to know if anyone else had tried this cut.

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I had never heard of this and your post made me curious, so I did a search and turned up this forum. It seems to be a board for beauty professionals. The first posts seem to be submitted by people drumming up clients for the helix classes, so scroll on down and read the responses from other board participants.

I was a hair stylist years ago, and I have to say it sounds like a gimmick to me. Their explanations for what it's supposed to do for your hair don't really add up according to what I learned about hair back in the day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair forum

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Hey, just found your post. I know a woman who gets the helix cut on a regular basis. Her hair looks good and she LOVES it. However, her hair style is VERY SHORT. Maybe 2 inches of hair, max. I don't know how this would work for long hair styles.

All the best,

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" I am so glad that God sent me thru the doors of the Helix Academy."

I swear this is what one of the helix fans wrote.

From what I gather from the discussion board, it's just another gimmick.
A good hairdresser will give you the cut you need for your hair with straight shears.
The website is really cheesy, imo and the before and after pictures are a hoax.

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I have been getting a Helix cut for about two years from a local hairdresser who trained in Tennessee. My hair is fairly short, two to three inches, very fine, and staight. I never liked my hair until I had a Helix cut. Until now I've tried lots of styles and always had to have it permed to get some body or flattering personality into my hair. I pay $40 for a cut, and I am a tightwad who could settle for a $12 cut in these parts, but I know I'd be back to hating my hair. The cut makes my hair look like it waves and has body. I just wash it and go. I don't fool with it or even comb it except with my fingers. Maybe some Helix hairdressers are better than others. I hope I die before my hairdresser does!

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I have been getting my hair helixed for the past five years. I love the way it looks now not only do I have more volume I can also diffuse my hair and wear it wavy and my hair has always been stick straight. I also am a hairstylist who is a Helix master stylist and will be a PHD in february. As for those of you who think this haircut is a Gimmick I will tell you the truth I live in a very small town and I know that my reputation and my wallet both depend on me being a trustworthy hairstylist I would not sale a $65.00 haircut to people over and over again if this cut did not work. I have many clients who get their hair helix cut once every other haircut and they love it. The cut works because the shears are curved and twisted you take the hair twist it and etch around the little ponytail this creates "c" shapings in the hair which not only cause the hair to bend at its weakest point making the hair wavy, the shorter hairs implode thereby pushing up the longer hairs which give your hair more volume. Anyone who is considering this cut definately give it a try Im not saying this because I am a helix designer Im telling you because I have had the cut for so long and I honestly never liked my hair until I got it.

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I'm certainly curious now about this helix haircut, I never heard of it in Montreal. I will investigate it.

I would suggest though that you don't throw around the word PHD, unless you have a doctorate degree in philosophy from a bona fide university.

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Im sorry I must have forgotten to put the meaning of that, I definately meant to it means Professional Helix Designer. I didnt mean to make anyone feel like I had a PhD in Haircutting because we all know there is definately no such thing I must have just gotten caught up in the explanation.

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From 1995 to 1999, I had a hairstylist in Knoxville, TN who did my thick, waist-length hair in a modified Helix cut. I loved it! It brought out my natural curl without a perm. The sylist got married and moved away. I've tried other stylists who did a regular Helix, but it thinned my hair too much. Angela Rittenhour or Rittenhouse (pre-marriage)is the stylist. If anyone knows her please let me know. I'd drive miles to have her do my hair. Thanks

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Posted by lbarnett: .....the shorter hairs implode thereby pushing up the longer hairs which give your hair more volume.

How do hairs "implode"? I need this explained to me. I know how a building can implode, but a hair?? How?

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you could try the helix website, surely they can help you there; someone posted the name of it in one of the above posts...

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A couple of days ago I had the Helix haircut. I waited a long time to make the decision to get the cut. I have fine, thin hair. My hair does not do well with perms so I was so looking forward to finally having body in my hair without the chemicals. Unfortunately, the cut did not work for me. I look the same as I did before I had it. While I was there, the stylist kept telling me that my hair took the curl and I had more body than when I came in. It just wasn't so. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. Has anyone else had the same experience? If so, did you find a solution?

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Implode--does that mean the hair strands develop split ends?????

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LOL. I see that lbarnett did not reply to my question. If my hair ever "imploded" after a hairdresser touched it I would be really mad.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dictionary Def of *Implode*

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"to burst inwards" I'm assuming the helix person meant that the hair shaft is increased, which seems improbable.

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veggielynn I had no luck either. My hair stylist kept on saying it looked good and while my hair looked fine it didn't really have the body I hoped it would have after the cut. Like you I have thin hair. Maybe it works only for other hair types or for really short cuts. My hair's medium length (up to my chin) so maybe that is why it doesn't work. Or maybe the hairstylist just sucked. Oh well.

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My guess is if you aren't happy with a Helix cut, the hairdresser isn't a good haircutter. My understanding is that the cutting technique works for all hair types, improving the way the hair lays. I've been getting my hair cut by a Helix stylist for the past three years and could never go back to an ordinary haircut, no matter how expert. I think good hair stylists are like talented artists or natural athletes. Either ya got it or ya don't. Keeping looking. The search will pay off.

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i have naturally curly hair but its sometimes stuborn. i got the helix and it made it so much easier to manage! id recomend it to anyone.

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I had the Helix cut years ago and I have extremely thick, coarse, long hair. This was the only cut that actually worked for me because it allowed my hair to be wavy without looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Both hairdressers I used moved too far away and it has really been a long, difficult search finding someone else who has even heard of the cut. I'm scheduled for my first cut in 2 weeks. Hope she is as good as the others were!

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