help for my dry frizzy hair

watchmakerSeptember 11, 2008

Hello there .. Pleaaaase help me i will go on : ( I am a guy Huh !) hehe .... my wish was to grow my hair .. i did , but i am suffreing and struggel with it , it is dry and frizzy and curly .. i been using many dfrnt kinds of products ( but unfortuantely futile ) when i wash it and use condition it looks great until it gets dry .. then it is just like a sweeper !! yes sweeper .. so i tie it all the time without enjoying freeing it .. i beg u to help me with good advice .. i have heared lately thet ( mayonaise and egg and olive oil works ) and using condition every day without shampoo ... and to no go out when it is wet ! ??? ina ddition i gave up with using chemicals and that various kinds of products and tretaements ..lately i used GOODWELL MILK CREME AND LOREAL TREATEMENT , MANY DFRNT KINDS OF MOUSSE AND WEAK WAX .. SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE BUT I HOPE THAT YOU COULD UNDERSTAND ME AND GET MY POINT ....AND UNFORTUANTELY HERE ARE SWEDES HAIR DRESSER HAVE NO EXPERINECE ABOUT THIS KIND OF HAIR COZ ALL OF THEM HAVE SILKY NICE SOFT HAIR HIHIHI..


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My son has dry curly hair. I bought him some Silk Drops. They are very helpful. There are other similar products. Sebastian Laminates products are good for eliminating dry frizz, too.

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There's a site dedicated to wavy & curly hair with all sorts of forums, even one for guys. You might want to do some browsing there or sign up & ask a question.


Good luck! :-)

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leave your conditioner in, and use l'oreal liss control on top of it.

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I have dry curly hair and I use TIGI Curls Rock line of hair products. I LOVE it! Helps a ton. Give it a try.

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