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What all is included in a pedicure? I always hear other people talk how wondedful they are. I have had two of them and It seem like I'm rushed in and and my feet don't feel any dfferent. I keep my feet in good condition but want to treat myself to a relaxing pedicure. How do you find a place to get good service. I had my pedicures done at different places. Thanks Debbie

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I'll agree with you that not all pedicures are created equal; in certain salons, it's a rushed thing, but there are salons that offer more of a spa pedicure, with more massaging and aromatic oils and also an option of extra time for reflexology on the feet.

I go to one place that just does the essential (terrible chairs) , it's cheap and quick and easy but I do go to another spa once in a while where they put your feet in bags of hot paraffin and they have wonderful chairs to sit back in- it does make a difference.

Investigate different spas and options in your area; a nail place will basically give a pedicure to get your feet soft and change the nail polish; certain spas will offer more of a foot massage combined with the other aspects of grooming the feet.

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totally depends on the salon, but the basics are a foot bath, callous removal, massage, removal of old polish, buffing the ridges off your toenails, and either oiling and polishing painting of the nails.

the salon I use (all of twice a year) has 'massaging' chairs with whirlpool foot baths and nice bubbles, and there are two ladies I can actually converse with (one is actively learning english, and LOVES talking to me, one is much older than me, and we don't so much talk as commune together)

that's about the minumum I would think- ie it's enough to get the barefootin' hippy to waste 40 minutes and $30 for once in a great while.

parrafin dips, how stones, aromatherapy, personal headphones...come at various prices.

if you're feeling rushed- look around. are the other chairs occupied, did YOU have to wait for a space? is the shop busy enough to justify slacking in the interest of getting everyone serviced before they need to go back to work?

if so- try a less busy time.

if the place is dead... this may be why- but I get the feeling that half of the cut-rate salons are staffed by indentured servants, not trained (or at least willing) staff members.

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A spa experience will by far be the best, however I might suggest a beauty school for a basic pedicure.

They are learing in school, but it still feels good to get a massage and it will be cheap. Check out the schools as some are much nicer than others. Some community colleges also have programs. Ours is a very good one. You may even be able to request the parafin treatment. They are a treat for hands and feet.

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I love the way my toes look after a pedicure. Unfortunatly, I am very ticklish and find everything (other then soaking and painting my nails) pure torture. I usually give my nerve endings a break in the winter. I envy people that can sit there and relax.

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Word of mouth to find a good place.

Not to be a party pooper as I loved pedicures, but as far as I'm concerned, make sure that they sterilize (not just soak in green water) their equipment, and that none of it that cannot be sterilized, especially nail buffers/files, etc, are shared between clients.

Got a nasty fungus with one nail that spread to two others. Did the three months Lamisil thing and it came back. I have to now do it again. Three months of expensive prescriptions, plus three liver function tests through the process adds up to one expensive pedicure cure.

Better that the equipment is REALLY clean, then any of the other bells and whistles.

And I'm talking, ask specific questions as to how they do it. I simply asked if they sterilized things and they said yes. I found out later that they clean the footbaths ONCE a day! :P

Trust me folks, the fun of a pedicure is not worth the cure.

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There was a report a while back about this problem in the news. It seems they were not flushing the lines of the footbaths each time or cleaning the filters. I have never had a problem but have a friend with a nail fungus she got some time ago. She can't take the oral meds so it's still there. Apparently nail fungus is only one of the things you can catch. Here is a link to news report of a nasty infection.

I make sure I have no skin breaks and I don't shave before I go.

Another story:

Sorry, no good at the HTML stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yucky infection.

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