acne scarring

whisperySeptember 25, 2003


i have some minor acne scarring i would like to get rid of. has anyone found anything helpful short of going to a dermatologist?



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1) stay out of the sun as much as possible- if you MUST sunbathe, wear a hat AND serious sunscreen. sun does things to scars that can double their life.

2) the next question is- is the acne still active, and what's the general condition of your skin? if it is- you need
a) something to attack the bacteria directly (my home brew is a poultice of- 1 green tea bag, 1 tsp clay (dry, if you can find it at the health food store) 1 tsp borage. combine dry ingredients, grind to powder, then add lavander or tea tree oil and water in equal amounts to make a soft paste. apply directly to red spots)
b) something to calm your skin down (a lot of the scarring is from the irritation that the infection causes) and I've found that cucumbers are the BEST for this
c) something to encourage the skin to renew itself-
this one is fun. take equal parts papaya and plain yogurt, blend. apply as mask- this is the exact same facial/back treatment that will cost you $70-100 at a day spa...
and if you absolutely cannot find fresh papaya, you can go to the health food store, and get 'papain' tablets- they're a digestive enzyme, and usally contain a mix of papaya and pineapple.

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I have some old scarring and recurring acne (the menopausal kind now). Retin A is the only thing I've found that minimizes my enlarged pores. It also takes care of the recurring acne and blackheads. I have never found an OTC product that did any good. I also use an OTC fade cream to even out skin tone from melasma.

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