Cherokee clothing label

jennSeptember 20, 2004

Does anyone know if the clothes sold under the Cherokee label are manufactured by a company with another name? My SIL is trying to find Cherokee shorts and went on-line to find their web site, but there doesn't seem to be one.



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I looked under Yahoo and it was the first listing. Also found a listing that said Cherokee was made by Jasco company. I know Target sells a lot of Cherokee clothing, however in the children's section (at least) the sizes run real, real small and tend to shrink a lot. ~ Suzie

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Thank you!

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I actually find cherokee clothing in the Target children's area runs BIG

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I think they had financial problems a number of years ago and sold their name to Target. Probably all Cherokee is mfg'd for Target by this Jasco and other companies. Cherokee may design for them or they use an in-house design team.

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I haven't seen Cherokee jeans in the misses/juniors section of Target for some time. I wanted to try a pair on & buy them if they fit. Did Target stop carrying them?

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I returned an armload of Cherokee pants and polo shirts to Target this week! It used to be a good brand with several standard styles always made of 100% cotton. It's the reason I started buying clothes at Target. Designers are not supposed to alter "classic" lines like khakis and polo shirts. THis season, Target CHANGED THE MATERIALS AND DIMENSIONS IN THE CHEROKEE LINE. Can you believe it? I used to be able to grab a few pairs of khakis and just go home. Not any more. I took a tape measure and compared my old pants to the new ones: the rise is shorter, the leg width is wider with an additional 3 inches of material so it's more like a flared bell bottom or elephant leg, and the leg length is longer! They no longer make Cherokee khakis with a button closure, only with a side clasp. Worst of all the material is cheap - a lightweight blend of cotton and spandex (gross). They also altered the sleeves on the polo shirts and are making them out of that cheap blend of cotton and spandex. I looked at the Cherokee turtlenecks. Guess what? They are now made from this spandex-cotton garbage. Don't waste your money on them. If they look faded and have nubs when brand NEW, what will they look like after a few washes? Don't waste your money. I was so disgusted, I left the store without bothering to look at anything else. The Target customer service calls this "trending" the line. I call it a sure-fire way to lose an entire group of customers.

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So you registered today and revived this old thread to complain that you do not like the newer styles of clothing on the racks at Target?


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I love jeans with a blend of spandex. I found all jean types fit wonderfully.. I like both the 97% cotton 3% spandex blend and also all cotton, or even some higher spandex blends. They all work fabulously. I see no difference or problems as long as the material is mostly cotton. Jeans are my favorite clothes. I mostly wear nothing but jeans everywhere I go. Cherokee material is just fine. Denim jeans are so cool nowadays, and I am starting to advance to designer labels too. The name of jeans we wear means so much to me and my girlfriends. We girls like to find cool jeans with attitude. SweetÂ..

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Hey coolgirl, I want to make sure I'm in the jean fashion loop. What jeans are considered in right now... both high end and medium priced?

And, I would guess you're a lot younger than I am... but what is in for a middle aged type mom? I prefer a lower cut and flare leg type; and I have to have some lycra in them.... are those styles still in? What's popular and flaterring for women my age? I wear about an 8 and really like 542 Levis.

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Went to Target today to buy a few more women's ultimate polo shirts, with or without sleeves, but they don't carry them anymore.

Any idea who does or did they go out of business or bought out?

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